GOLD Prize of Home Residential

Play with the space


We live in a house, which is normally like a box. In this three-dimensional space, we use walls to divide and create sub-unit for different purposes and functionalities.
created individual floating units that can be connected and disconnected from one another, which not only achieved privacy and functionality, but also made possible the spaciousness in a 38㎡ space.
A floating wall, which is used to hang TV, is the divide for living room and dinning space. This allows the smooth and open transitioning between those two functional spaces, while maintaining the individuality, and fun as well.
The floating wardrobe in the bedroom is used to give the privacy of any bedroom deserves, without being bulky and making the spaced felling tight.
Giving the high ceiling in the living room, Wei created a multi-layer functional area to give the owner a space to enjoy themselves. The lower layer is a place to store books and to read, and the higher layer is a media room, for movie, gaming, and more.
It is fun, multi-functional, and spacious 38㎡ home, which is almost hard to believe. All because of the creative design that made it a home for the five0-member family.

Aaron Wang

Wei Wang, the founder and head of design for Aaron Wang Interior Design Studio.
Immersed in traditional Chines culture and art as a child, with influence from the U.S after he moved overseas, Wei Wang dedicated his life in interior designing, and his works is a reflection of the beauty from both worlds, the clean-lines and openness, and the delicacy and extreme attention to details.
VIP Member of Asia Designer Communication Platform(ADP)
A+Designer Association
CCTV Recommended Designer
Beijing TV Station Recommended Designer