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PII Culture Fitness


Health is such an important word for human survival. Being healthy implies being in good state physically, mentally and socially. Health plays a critical role in human being development, social reforms, and cultural innovation. In 2020, an unprecedented pandemic is spreading over China and the world. The virus has caused panic, while it has also led our society to further consider the significance of health. And a majority of people know the key to keeping healthy: fitness centers.
Fitness centers are highly beneficial to health. As mentioned above, the definition of health in the 21st century is already far beyond the concept of no disease. Currently, both social and psychological well-being is included within the scope of health. Voilà! A fitness center is just the place to achieve both fitness and social interaction at the same time. This is the background for the creation of PII CULTURE FITNESS, a trendy fitness center, with integrated themes such as futuristic, cyber style and surrealism, among others. A complete set of fitness facilities can meet the needs of most urban users. Its social advantage is also significant, suitable for establishing work-out routines and interacting with a constant flow of both female and male users.
The design of PII CULTURE FITNESS is inspired by the film “Tron: Legacy”. Within the spatial design of PII CULTURE FITNESS, color black is used by the designer as substrate color to create space hollowness, and then supported with bright light bars in yellow, blue and purple, to provide the actual profile of the space and the corridors inside. In order to further increase a sense of high-tech space and provide a better immersion experience for the customer, most of the fonts used for lettering at PII CULTURE FITNESS is are sans-serif, composed with the light bar, providing a clear vision with striking light with a deep black background and generating a uniform style within the entire space, simple, yet stylish. In terms of equipment, the venue with the most intensive sense of high-tech within PII CULTURE FITNESS is HOLOFITS, a fitness room with an interactive display screen for the floor and nearly all the wall area. The strong functionality and perfect experience provide a further explanation and commitment to the futuristic business concept of PII CULTURE FITNESS.
Since the target population is young people, the layout within PII CULTURE FITNESS will of course cater to the taste of the youth. HOLOFITS and SPINNING are the most popular fitness rooms among young PII CULTURE FITNESS staff; a special seamless projection technique with 180 degree wide-angle is applied in order to ensure an immersive experience. The interior decoration of PII CULTURE FITNESS is designed based on the difference on the ratio between male and female users and carefully thought to match their taste. For example, HOLOFITS and SPINNING are more popular among males, and their interior decoration resembles a space station or cockpit, with clean-cut and clear decorative lighting and lines, and diversified interaction. On the other hand, Pilates is preferred by female users, thus the designer provided a dome with stars and pink lights, creating a tender and tranquil atmosphere.
Regarding the impact of PII CULTURE FITNESS on the surrounding environment, the design faced a considerable challenge. The floor above and underneath are office and education areas, respectively. In order to minimize the impact on the personnel at these two floors, during the design process, a number of studies were carried out by the designer and more than ten modifications on acoustic insulation were conducted. At last, once all the decoration works were finished and the fitness center was put into operation, it has been demonstrated that there is almost no noise coming out of the premises which would impact the office and education spaces.

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