INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales



The project is located beside Tianjing Lake in Taicang City. It is a three-story building built on a slope. It is used as a sales exhibition center in the early stage and a community activity center for residents in the community in the later stage. Designers hope to adhere to the design concept of green and environmental protection, change the function of space without demolition, and at the same time, they can "go to the sales office" and do more WYSIWYG design.
Through the infinite cycle of space, the abstract elements give people the best feeling of space;
The possibility of space symbolizes the infinite change and infinite hope of life by using the large-span modeling and fuzzy spatial hierarchy relationship;
Memory is the most profound, the most beautiful, the most emotional, the most infinite, the most like life.
Inspired by the movie "wandering the earth", the images of extreme weather in the future awaken people's awareness of environmental protection. According to NASA's newly released satellite images, China's newly added green area has reached a quarter of that of the Amazon rainforest. Every new green and every behavior is closely related to our living and living space. Taicang science and education new city is exactly the innovation area between Jiangsu and Shanghai. It is a collection of creative talents and high-tech talents from the Yangtze River Delta region. They are looking forward to the future. The extension and butterfly change of the sales center is the new empowerment of the design, which brings infinite imagination space to people.



The line of sight enters the rest area on the first floor of the basement. The two groups of sofa combinations with a sense of enclosure, the armchair of light grass yellow and the edge several light up the space atmosphere, which injects vitality into the space on the basis of maintaining the overall harmony. Arc sofa is right angle and arc shape respectively. Designers try to break the sense of symmetry in the rules and details. The delicate colored chandeliers above pay homage to the dynamic sculptor Calder's unbalanced device. The colorful light bulb is like a different planet in space, echoing the theme of "wandering earth"
The imbalance of the chandelier echoes the infinite continuation device on the right side, looking for infinite space in all finite time. Goethe, one of the greatest German writers, said: "if you want to step into infinity, you have to walk to all sides in the finite." The "globe symbol" in the infinite space device seems to be the "wandering earth" in another dimensional space. Designers try to express in the limited space: infinite field. 沙发中间的圆型茶几体现设计师的匠心,扇叶型金属片组合,从上方看像是一组无限交叉的十字型线条,从细节上把控空间元素,在无形与有形之间点应主题。The round tea table in the middle of the sofa reflects the designer's ingenuity. The combination of fan leaf type metal sheets looks like a group of infinite cross shaped lines from the top. It controls the space elements from the details, and points out the theme between the intangible and the tangible. “艺术源于生活,更高于生活” “美国航天局NASA发布振奋国人的消息:地球比20年前更绿了,而中国和印度两个国家功不可没”。设计师从对生活中的观察体验,延续到设计创作当中。"Art comes from life, higher than life" "NASA released the news that inspires people: the earth is greener than it was 20 years ago, and China and India have contributed a lot.". Designers from the observation of life experience, continue to design creation.
"Let the earth not be" vagrant "in the future, how to arouse people's attention to environmental protection, how to make design more social significance?" The designer put forward the design concept of "wandering earth" - magnetic levitation device. In the vast universe, the earth is so small, but it is the home of human survival. If we no longer protect the earth, no longer protect our homeland, it will only gradually dry up, the earth's surface cracks and damage will be the scene of the future, in the continuous cycle of recovery, generations of exhausted Until the planet doesn't exist in the universe Around the theme of wandering the earth, the magnetic levitation device "Irene O'Keeffe" becomes the finishing touch of the rest area on the ground floor, and it is also the spirit of the whole design
The reception desk of gray terrazzo is inlaid with champagne colored metal bars at the bottom, which enhances the local delicacy and modern sense. The flower art combination with aesthetic taste also gives the space unique soft and beautiful characteristics.
The decrease and extinction of species is the precursor of "self made butcher's knife"
When you go to the first floor, the hardware decoration uses the arc modeling with modern feeling and infinite circulation across floors, and blurs the relationship between the floors of the space, so that the space has more levels and memory points. The coherent modeling is taken as the core of the space, and the space feeling and functional requirements are integrated and superimposed to design the only high-quality space belonging to the project. The spacious and open space leaves a spacious and flexible moving line for walking. No matter which side you pass through, you can encounter infinite wonderful.
The space creates a complex dynamic line. The designer crosses the limitation of the floor height through the flowing arc modeling, creates the arched door opening shuttling in size and weakens the concept of "layer". "Melting polar bear" on the right side of the staircase is another call for "nature conservation". With the global warming, the melting of the Arctic Circle, the rise of sea level, and the floating of plastic waste across the sea occupy the Arctic where polar bears live. Human beings are paying or about to pay for such behavior. The decrease and extinction of species is the precursor of human "self-made butcher's knife".
On the other side of the book bar area, the bookshelves on the other side extend the vision to the roof. The built-in seats on the wall can save space and make people have more private and quiet corners. Knowledge is a bridge to explore the future. Plants can accompany quietly here. Both adults and children can enjoy the pleasure of wisdom here. In the bookshelf lattice, there are different kinds of plants and insect specimens in nature. Children here can not only learn knowledge about nature, but also have another layer of implication, that is, "every year, many plants are on the verge of extinction, and more and more animals and plants can only exist in the standard copy. To protect nature, we should start from every seed and every plant"
The inverted staircase seems to connect the world of another dimension. When you stop under the arch on the ceiling, under the mirror reflection, you will see yourself. This indicates that the future "ladder of self-help" of mankind must rely on ourselves. This is a space parallel to the real world. The quiet corner of the book bar meets the needs of use in function. A "sphere" is placed in the chic low couch. If anyone sits down, the picture of "the earth is at this end and mankind is at the other end", implying that "the ladder of knowledge progress" of human beings is formed. The earth must be with it. While we are constantly learning from the earth, how can we learn to "look at the same time" with nature Human beings always need to learn.
In 1F book bar, in the arc span space, the repeated arc hard decoration design enriches the space rhythm. The combination of the long desk and the cylinder, the combination of the marble part of the desktop and the wood facing column below, the use of marble, wood veneer and leather, the designer pays attention to the richness of material from the details, and the leather bag of single chair reflects the value sense of soft decoration The good control of type is produced in the designer's repeated deliberation. Light grass yellow and green glassware light up the atmosphere of the whole space. The freedom of space also makes life possible. The oval metal wall frame with spot lights is like sitting by the porthole in the deep sea, making the negotiation area leisurely and comfortable. From here, start to find their own home. The circular table designer of the book bar enriches the details and levels of soft decoration from the castle grey on the table top, the white marble on the legs of the table and the dark marble at the foot of the table. The arch design of the single chair seat echoes with the arc lines and arches in the space, and the soft plush surface material neutralizes the square and strong shape.
The small sculpture of polar bear on the long tabletop echoes the "melting polar bear" in the space. Human beings nestle in the arms of polar bears, implying the interdependent relationship between man and nature. The polar bear on the round table, the "ball" on its head, implies the common survival relationship between nature and polar bear. The relationship between animals and nature is the relationship between human beings and nature, and the protection of animals is to protect ourselves.
Immersive experience, let's build a better future with action
The 2F sales space extending from the underground to the high is bright and avant-garde. 2F has the best lighting and landscape vision. In the early stage, it serves as a sales negotiation area and sand table display area, and in the later stage, it is a water bar rest area for community residents, giving people the best natural advantages. As a display area, from enterprise display, location model to sand table model, people can experience the essence and narration of real estate more intuitively and deeply.
The two-way staircase leads people to the second floor, and the empty design divides the space into scientific exhibition area and elegant leisure negotiation area
The "bubble installation" above the atrium is a beautiful vision for the future ideal world of the designer.
"Bubble device" is composed of a green shoe, art horn and bubbles of different shapes. The designer's inspiration comes from more and more green actions in life, such as choosing walking instead of taxi, bus instead of driving, mobile payment instead of cash payment, etc. ant forest has more than 400 million global users, and low-carbon life has become a fashion for more and more people. This device implies that "the beauty of the future world requires all human beings to step out with footprints". The bubble is not only the embodiment of the better world, but also implies the optimistic attitude of "the future can be expected". From another perspective of the atrium, the polar bear is looking up at the air bubbles above. This scene is just the embodiment of the designer's heart, which represents the hope of the polar bear in the future. The future living space of the polar bear can not be separated from the steps of every one of us 吧台的设计充满现代感,硬装的绿色墙面设计与软装扶手椅相呼应。The design of the bar counter is full of modern sense, and the green wall design of hard decoration echoes with the soft armchair.
The moving streamline design of hard decoration gives more creative inspiration to soft decoration. Gil cafia's pottery, a world-class low luxury French artist and artist, wanders between the beauty of nature and the traces of time. His works are polished one by one with clean, perceptual and even unexpected lines. Being familiar with aesthetics and material essence makes its space more and more perfect. Unique creative thinking combined with high-end technology, the use of rare materials and the creation of perfect details are simple and exquisite. All kinds of original materials leave traces of nature and time in life, just like the layers of implication created in space. Life is art, and art is life.
Never stop talking about environmental protection with design