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A comfortable and chic life
Flat layer / modern contracted / 200 ㎡
Case profile
In addition to creating a comfortable experience of life, the designer tries to find a new breakthrough for the stretch of the resident's personality taste. Through different materials, color and scale ratio, the temperature, delicacy and mystery of the space in the details. Extremely simple and pure space line, the pursuit of inner peace and self-dialogue, the interpretation of different stories, to transfer the beautiful situation.
When I get home, Push open the entry door, You can feel the natural nature of the space, No luxurious decoration, What greet you is not a single shoe stool, shoes and hat cabinet, dress mirror, It's the overall atmosphere of the home, take in everything in a glance, Not to guide your orderly behavioral thinking, Instead, it breaks down from the original concept of living, Present a kind of spontaneous freedom, Arc and semi-height shaped wall, Reference to the elements of the microcement, With the help of the lighting atmosphere to create a unique indifferent, bright and quiet, The small cloakroom on the left meets the basic needs of the local hollow-out design, While improving the privacy of the space, Avoid the massiness sense of cabinet body again, The plant landscape on the right is the equivalent of a looming screen.
Guest meal kitchen, the whole room shallow and gentle tone and texture, sitting room background wall deep coffee light cafe color collocation, using the alien structure embedded fireplace, staggered modelling, create a comfortable, unique, distinctive space, west kitchen walnut deep grey collocation, create an elegant intellectual romantic atmosphere, black island and table, integrated design space more complete, dynamic line more reasonable, improve the class of the space, the kitchen, white rock plate with dark gray, receive a good meet use function, laundry area connection in the hutch, three linkage door, each area is comfortable.
Multi-functional area desk combines desk to create a simple and composed sense of space, the black table board with rich texture and sense of weight, embedded side bookcase, the floor bookcase on the desk, so that the books can be displayed and stored in an orderly manner, the concise environment is more easy to focus or relax. Master bedroom simplify top facade design, background wall decorated with grating board, plasterboard above convex built-in light belt, make see light diffuse light, fit quiet comfortable warm bedroom atmosphere, bed hollow out wall with fireplace brings a unique comfort, split the two space, furniture selected light color bed and finished ark, minimalist elegant, create a safe, quiet space, contracted, let the bedroom space design level more rich, material, texture, color, such as progressive step by step, hope space can enjoy, and can be pure advanced.
Children's room is a space full of childlike innocence and dream, through the pink as the main tone of the space, to create a warm and romantic environment, only a fixed wardrobe, other furniture as the children grow up to replace this design to create a more spacious and open feeling for children's room. The modelling of metope builds a coherence on a vision, make whole space appears more fluent and unified.

Designer: Liu Shanshan

Bai Yi (Dalian) Decoration Design Co., Ltd. Co-founder & Manager CEIDA Member of China Europe International Design Association In 2018, Dalian founded LOT, which is dedicated to building a group with independent thinking ability, enjoying design and giving practice. The design pays more attention to the relationship between people, things, space, life and aesthetics. In the different environments of project landing, the understanding of materials should be tailored to local conditions, environmental protection and stability should be considered, and the perfect landing of design and construction should be realized with solid process standards and team tracking service.