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"Chun Hua Qiu Shi" is an excellent representative of the causal relationship of all things in the world. There is a record in "Xunzi Tianlun": " Each of the myriad things must be in harmonious relation with nurture to grow, and each must obtain from nature the proper nurture to become complete. " Every grass and tree on the spring day is the manifestation of the five elements of yin and yang. We cannot accurately capture the "harmony" and "nourishment" of nature, but we can perceive the "birth" and "success" in front of us. Located in ONE BAY Square in Yancheng, Shenzhen. The inspiration for the project is from the natural laws of "Chun Hua" and "Qiu Shi". And the designer uses modern design techniques to build an ideal harmonious living space in the future, painting a picture of life with a strong humanistic atmosphere. The name of the model room of ONE BAY Square is "Chun Hua", it is a discussion of the relationship between man and nature.n Light gray is a color that can tolerate the brilliant colors in the world. It is widely used in soft decoration, and the innate nobility makes the space more elegant and calm. The brown leather sofa matches the tone of the overall space, and the light grass pillows are decorated like grass budding in the forest, which is playful and lively. Every object in the living space can find a corresponding posture in nature. Incorporate them into modern design, making beauty come from natural things and also beyond natural things. The folded flannel is like a leaf about to stretch its body in the morning dew, and the gracefulness of the flower arrangement and the vase body are all revealed in the change of light and shadow in the day. The natural texture combined with the ingenuity and delicacy is the joy of "Just flying around among the flowers in the courtyard, and nostalgic about it. " meeting minimalism and humanism in the garden in spring. From ancient times to the present, the Chinese's understanding of beauty is full of poetry. A restaurant is a place of gathering warmth inspired by natural greenery. Decorative pendants reinforce the warm atmosphere of the living space, with details between floral arrangements and modest table furnishings. The sleeping space of high-grade gray makes green with different saturation jump in it. The pursuit of quality life is reflected in every place, such as the skin-friendly cotton and linen four-piece set gives users a comfortable sleep experience. Ornaments as a means of artistic expression gradually began to move towards ecological aesthetics. There is a similar dialogue between man and artwork and nature, which is essentially the symbiosis and communication between nature and man. The elegantly furnished study is an area for quiet work or reading, and a spiritual rest place for residents. Starting from the outline of the situation, the objects of the bookcase on the wall are embellished, vividly revealing the extraordinary taste of the owner.

Agency: S&C.DESIGN

S&C.DESIGN is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It is a professional interior design company. The company focuses on the design of real estate sales offices, model houses, clubs, high-end residences, and offices. The company began to serve the real estate design industry in 2015, pursuing high-quality design and service, adhering to professionalism and rigor, and giving innovative thinking. Like many outstanding design firms, it's a company driven by ideas. Rich design experience, energetic and enterprising exploration of the young team, break through traditional thinking, bloom the essence of precipitation, with a newness attitude with customers to create high-quality boutique projects.