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Peking University New century Zoucheng (Xinqi) experimental school project
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The project is located in Zoucheng, which enjoys the reputation of "the state of Confucius, Mencius and Sangzi, and the place where culture originated". The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "upholding integrity and innovation, cultivating virtues and cultivating people", strives to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture, cast the brand of Chinese private education, and build an innovative and sustainable modern international school. The design concept comes from its regional culture and campus culture, from the color, materials, lighting analysis, to create a unique interior design of the school.
This case is based on regional culture and campus culture, and Select the classic stories in the Three-Character Classic, the enlightening reading material of traditional Chinese culture. "Once Mencius mother, choose the neighborhood. If the child does not learn, the order is broken" . It aims to convey the design concept of "discontinuing weaving and persuading learning" through the extraction and transformation of fabric, line, color and other elements, hoping that students can inherit the learning spirit of their ancestors, and strive to pursue their own ideals.
The first is the design effect of the foyer of the high school and the art building. The overall design is simple and atmospheric. The two foyers highlight the use attributes of their respective teaching buildings through different design techniques. The foyer in the middle of the high school is based on black, white and gray, and the top and bottom of the wall are integrated into a linear relationship. The dense gypsum board ceiling, wall and floor parcollocation shapes integrate the design elements and make the space full of rhythm and rhythm. The use of color orange, green, lively space, but also in line with the youth of high school students, youthful age needs. The foyer of the art building echoes the color of the foyer of the high school, and has a more streamlined shape in the application of the shape, increasing the artistic atmosphere.
Secondly, in the design of professional classrooms, color is introduced into the space by using the design methods of "one move, one calm, one cold and one warm". Different colors and space line elements are used to shape different teaching and learning environments, and the whole effect is compatible with their respective spatial attributes. The wall of the art classroom uses a cold yellow-green paint, and the lamps and lanterns are distributed into a short beating line on the ceiling, so that the painting students can have an active mind and meditate on the research. The building of the calligraphy classroom is more stable, the dark green wall and calligraphy learning complement each other, the extended long straight line lamp, but also the calligraphy culture is integrated, as if writing the stroke of the stroke; The music room uses a warm yellow color, and the wall makes a long winding line shape through the sound-absorbing board, which is like a beating note, increasing the movement of the space; The dance classroom chooses to use warm red, gray bean paste red, with the curved lamps flowing on the ceiling, the warm dynamic atmosphere comes to the face, the students are deeply involved, dancing a hot youth.
Finally, the choice of materials use more paint, floor tiles, Great Wall board, aluminum plate, punched gypsum board, floor glue, sound-absorbing board, guide and soft decoration collocation, the combination of color and font, the choice of replaceable, modular form, greatly improved the utilization rate, but also has a certain sense of interest and design.


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