INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Park Emperor Scene


Landscape of the park
The owners want the light luxury style of home decoration, and they also like the new Chinese style. Therefore, light luxury is taken as the interior design theme, which is embodied in the modern villa with a sense of high-level and elegance. Then, the new Chinese style is incorporated into the decoration of tea rooms and other spaces to achieve the double satisfaction of quality and interest.



A living room
The decoration of the living room is themed by modern light luxury style. The elegant champagne gold echoes up and down. Under the decoration of spiral lights, the elegant space feeling is lined. In the selection of furniture, designers use light luxury accessories to enhance the texture of modern home and enhance the comfort experience for owners.
White space veneer with different color lines and outlines to construct a high-level sense of space, cold color makes the whole restaurant look transparent and calm, with orange dining chair, to create the warmth of the family's soul, full of happy enthusiasm of life.
Tasting tea, taste is the taste, feeling is that kind of artistic conception, with woodcarving crafts to foil this kind of artistic conception can't be more appropriate, marble stone stool, light flowing window screen, let the host indulge in this antique charm, this is the leisurely enjoyment way that the design brings to the host.

Designer: Ni Biao