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Huihuang Fudi Restaurant


The orientation of this case is a classy restaurant for business banquet. The blue-print of this design case is based on the Mansion house culture which flourished among the Huizhou merchants in the 19th century, when the western styles was passed on to China and influenced people’s life. This mixture of both Chinese and western cultures and the traditional Hui-style court yard compound elements as well as its spatial designs gave the designers inspirations. The design followed the traditions of axial symmetry, beam lifting structure, inner chamber behind the hall and deep spacious design, which emphasize the features of a sense of order and quiet deep yard full of sense of ritual.
Due to its physical conditions the limitation of the use of some special materials, the designers replaced the traditional building material- wood with metals, which imparted the building with unique quality and spectacular visual effects with smooth lines, better quality of texture. The designers used traditional rattan partition which is more than decorative to get ample light and at the same time provide cozy intimate space as well as separate public space.
The most distinctive feature of the design case is its innovative application of saturated colors in the design which challenged the traditional Chinese aesthetic perspectives that stress the use of plain colors and simplicity. The designers showed respect for the traditions and at the same time dug deep into it to show its splendours and elegance and fuse them with modern fashion trend to manifest the charm of the mansion house, bringing about a strong visual shock like a sip of good mellow wine,and the feeling lingers. The experience the design work evokes goes perfectly with the orientation of the high-end classy restaurant.
The designers try to express traditional Chinese aesthetic ideology of showing obstract idea and best wishes through specific abstract and designs and also apply modern trend to create a unique space both for business and culture. It is more than a feast,. It is a feast of visual experience of elegance both traditional and modern for the guests.
The blue doors the red walls, the pillars and beams , caisson palace lanterns, paintings and horizontal inscribed board, coloured porcelain vases, gold foil screens, furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty styles all work together to create a space like a elaborate-style painting like a theatrical scene. When the guests linger in the mansion house they will fully experience the splendors of a banquet in the Mansion of a Huizhou merchant and enjoy its oriental elegance.

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