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Location: , Zhuhai, China
Design Company: IW&BW
Chief Designer: Coco Chan
Assistant Designer:Hong Xu, Jingkuai Liang
Area: 185M²
Cost: 8000 yuan/ ㎡
Design Cycle: July 30, 2023
Completion time: September 28, 2023
Main Materials: Stainless steel, Glass, Wood, FRP , Acrylic
Client Name: Huafa Group
Photographer: IW&BW
Zhuhai IFC Qin'ao Bay No.1, with a 339-meter dome at the core of Hengqin Financial Island, overlooks the charm of the bay area. The sea, sky, and mountains complement the bustling city. The designer takes the theme of the phantom of time, weaving the sound range of flowing time, engraving the beautiful music of life, and realizing the ideal way of life for the global spire population.
Designers connect people and cities, depicting the boundless origins of life, and creating a living trend that predates the times. After boundary melting, art can be infinitely extended. The single chair presents a lightness of leather and metal; The collision of art and technology in the fusion of red flame MR. davyuan sound system; Fun and dynamic ornaments complement the texture and texture of fabrics. Through the scale of design, designers blend the scene with personality. Reconstructing daily aesthetics, some restaurant designers balance practicality and art, creating scenes of drinking and chatting on the mountains and seas.
Along the grid, the blocks and lines are orderly interwoven, the structure, form and material are complete and continuous, and the bedroom takes light as a clue to give the space more open state. The rhythm of light, elegant colors, and the texture of logs together create a relaxed and immersed rest space, while the french window always retain the texture of scenery and time, and build a poetic life.
Smooth layout, rational colors, soft lighting, details and texture... The space feels comfortable and allows time to flow quietly. Art, nature, and resonance resonate with each other, blending into one. The melody played to the heart conveys the poetic life.