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One Central Park – 328 House Type Soft Decoration Design
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One Central Park - 328 House Type Soft Decoration Design This case is hardcover delivery, stylist continued the contracted feeling of hard outfit on soft outfit collocation, emphasize the performance of furniture simple sense. Connery The sofa is like a graceful gentleman. The clever combination of rough cotton and linen and delicate leather adds a touch of haute couture.
The restaurant wine cabinet is engraved with poliform minimalist and rigorous, super clear tawny glass sliding door, with walnut stick skin frame, elegant atmosphere.
minotti Bed with pure cotton texture bed, maple leaf embroidery by the bag and decorative painting color echo, the bedroom still gives people a simple sense of natural balance.

Designer: Huan Chen

Beijing Huaxu Aesthetics and Culture Development Co., Ltd. Design Director, Working for 10 years, a member of China Interior Decoration Association. CEIDA Member of China Europe International Design Association, Certification and Award Award: First prize of the 5th China International Space Environment Art Design Competition in 2014; The first Red Seal Cup Excellent Works Award in 2015; 2016-2017,2017 China International Architecture Design Expo; 2023 France GPDP AWARD International Design Award, TOP100 International Impact Designer of the Year.