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The entrance fully presents the essence of the space, and the artistic technique of leaving blank spaces allows people who come here to embark on an artistic feast in their minds.
The living room is dominated by a simple ivory white tone, with marble patterns as embellishments around it. Convey an understanding of order through advanced geometric constructions. The elegant green plants add a natural atmosphere to the entire space, where you can truly enjoy comfort without being disturbed by chaotic external factors.
Three meals in four seasons, slow down and immerse yourself in life. A leisurely atmosphere rushed towards us, and the overall brightness of the space reached a balance. The open kitchen workbench brings more sense of participation.
Setting aside the stereotypical impression of the bathroom, the decoration without noisy elements returns to nature, while also facilitating daily cleaning, maintaining such a simple atmosphere for a long time.
Falling into the tranquility of life, achieving poetic imagery in fantasy. Lines, geometry, color correspondence, and light will all fall here.
A restaurant that interweaves square and circle, allowing people to achieve perfection in reunion; Experience the world in all directions. People gather here, living in the present and looking forward to tomorrow.
Sleep is the endpoint of a human day, but it is also the center, and the bedroom is like a transit station. The color of the bedroom is dominated by natural light and lighting. During the day, the bedroom is transparent and bright, and the lighting at night is not too dazzling. After a busy day, when I return home, I can quickly relax and feel the slow passage of time.
Beauty is a self-awareness, witnessing the emergence of beauty in a special space, coexisting with beauty, and this is the happiness of life.
The lighting in the bathroom is not too bright, providing a sense of security. While washing and brushing away the dust on oneself, one can also re-enter a new consciousness.
Books are the ladder of human progress, and the impact they bring to people is indelible. All of these profound impacts shimmer and float in the pure world. When reading, a silent eternity arises.

Designer:Lu jinlong.