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NO.1 Yungu Road


The Experience Center of No.1 Yungu Road, stands in Feixi West, Hefei. The building area is about 400 square meters. The building uses modern pragmatism to design the enclosed form of traditional Chinese courtyard houses, and the landscape is integrated into the design ideas of changing landscapes in the garden, winding and winding, which is unique and interesting.
Use "light" and "shadow" to give the interior a soul. The treatment of high windows in the building shows different lighting changes at different times, and combines metal, glass and other materials to produce a wonderful effect again to convey respect and worship for nature. Armani grey fair-faced concrete is used in a large area of the lobby space, giving people a soft and warm sensory experience.


Hanbing Design Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, China; as a professional organization for product development and interior design, our core work is to design and improve the living environment and take this as our mission; we have more than ten years of experience in real estate product development and design services, The area of hardcover product development and design practice exceeds 30 million square meters; We are committed to interior design in residential, hotel, office, urban renewal and other fields; continue to provide the most professional products and design solutions for the living environment; We provide Vanke, Greenland, Country Garden , Longhu, Zhongliang, Baolong, Zhongnan, Jinhui, Sansheng, Shangkun and other developers provide a number of full-case interior design services; Design service areas: Experience center, model room, hardcover product design; hotel, office, urban renewal design; R&D and design of special products such as product line, standardization, storage system, apartment library, future residence, etc.