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Ningbo Yongshuiqiao Science and Technology Innovation Center
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Yongshuiqiao Science and Technology Innovation Center is a high-tech industrial park that continues to incubate and lead the future under the concept of "leading by technology and creating the future with wisdom". It has nine floors and about 40,000 square meters. Peripheral vision is wide. Designers take full advantage of the natural light, as well as the structural features of the building. The earth and water natural elements of the local Jianghai culture are introduced into the interior space to create a comfortable and beautiful office environment. At the same time, it achieves an effect of unifying the inside and outside of the building.
The space layout will take the earth and water as the theme, adopt open design, and design techniques such as curved walls and curves, so that the space can be organically integrated and create a natural and elegant atmosphere. The color matching is dominated by elegant natural colors, combined with fresh tones such as light blue and green, giving people a natural and comfortable feeling. The interior decoration adopts brightly colored modern furniture and decorations, coupled with reasonable lighting design, making the interior space brighter, warmer, safer and more comfortable. In addition, some functional spaces will be set up in the interior space, such as rest, tea break, negotiation, etc., to meet the various needs of users.
The whole design integrates Jianghai culture into the space ingeniously, creating a comfortable, quiet, warm and safe office space to meet the needs of users and improve work efficiency and quality of life.


BEIJINGTSINGSHANGARCHITECTURAL DECORATION ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is established by Tsinghua University with office space, large commercial space, exhibition space,a research institute based on high-end hotels, villas, and apartments. Relying on the strategic strength of Tsinghua University, the research institute has conducted extensive and in-depth research in environmental protection, acoustics, lighting and art design, and has obtained more than ten design patents. The institute has doctors, masters and national registered construction engineers with rich design experience, and has Class A qualification certificates for architectural design engineering and special class A qualification certificates for architectural engineering interior design. He has been entrusted by various national ministries and local governments for many times to undertake and participate in the Great Hall of the People, Capital Museum, National Art Museum of China, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, China World Hotel, Capital Airport Private Building, New Poly Building, Tianjin Nord Yinglan Office The design work of a number of important projects, such as China Construction Venture Building, Beijing General Times Office Building, Ningbo Hefeng Creative Plaza, Ningbo Wuyi Square, and Ningbo Bank of China Building, has won praise from the industry.