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Ningbo Vanke Riverside Olympic Sports Center ATOUR S Hotel
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In the historical and cultural atmosphere of Ningbo, PUHUIDESIGN will deconstruct the city culture and advance the space aesthetics with modernization. The combination of Ningbo's local culture and modern music constitutes the unique charm of Yaduo Hotel Ningbo. The space is arch-shaped to form an elegant classical space, each different area shows the multi-faceted nature of the new concept hotel, and the new music bar is integrated into the whole concept. Ningbo is a beautiful water town, and the water in different weather, different light will show different colors. Space is cleverly used this point, will be unexpected colors are accommodated outside the window of the sky, so that food, beautiful scenery, music complement each other.

Agency: The PUHUI Interior Design(ShangHai) Co.,Ltd

PUHUIDESIGN is a famous interior design company in Shanghai. Founded in 2017, PUHUIDESIGN specializes in international top brand hotels and high-end interior design and art design services. The company has an international team of high-quality and experienced designers, who are highly praised for their international professional vision, original ideas and commitment to projects.
PUHUIDESIGN has a team of talented professionals and managers, whose resources and technology are fully capable of running a complete project.In recent years, the company has relied on the extraordinary creativity and good service, for more than 20 first-line real estate developers nationwide to provide design advice and services.