Innovation Prize of Hotel Club Space

Nine habitat clause


Design concept: Jiuqi bieyuan Art Hotel metaphors the Chinese soul, national clothes and modern bones in terms of design style and positioning, which makes the international integration of Guizhou Ethnic Culture and B & B incisively and vividly.
The whole space moving line is winding, easy to move and attractive. Each space is not only independent of each other, but also uses modern techniques to borrow scenery, so that they are separated from each other, closely linked, and have interaction and dialogue.
The designer expresses the emotional experience of the B & B hotel space with more humanistic feelings. The exquisite and elegant oriental wisdom makes people linger. People in this life, need a period of such elegant quiet good time, away from the complexity of the city, return to the simple mountain years, people who understand the yard, must understand life.

Designer: Li Xiong Ming