Nightscape Lighting Design of Huangbudun Building Renovation
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Project Name: Nightscape Lighting Design of Huangbudun Building Renovation
Design Company: Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd
Location: Wuxi, China
Project category: landscape lighting
Design team: Huang Lei, Chen Chao, Huan Hongjun, Chen Siwei, Li Tianyi, Xia Yueyang, Bao Yuting, Ma Antao
Area: 608 square meters
Cost: 15000000 yuan
Completion time: June 10, 2022
Client Name: Wuxi Urban Investment and Development Co., Ltd
Photographer: Wuxi Langqiao
Huangbudun is located at the exit of Brook Huishan, center of Gufurong Lake in Wuxi, Jiangsu. It’s formerly known as Xiaojinshan with a small round pier, and an area of 220 square meters. Surrounded by stone revetment, it’s the center of the ancient canal that stays south of Wuxi Wuqiao and exit of Brook Huishan, and the name is originated from Chunshen Jun (Huang Xie) who once led dredging Furong Lake here. The pier is circular, with an area of 220 square meters. It’s a stone-laying structure, surrounded by water. There are temples on the island along with incense. The north is the mouth of the Shuanghe, and the south is Jiangjianzhu. The white wall and black tiles of Huangbudun standing on the Grand Canal is brought to life in the dazzling night. A striking “pearl of the canal” appears on the blue water, carrying and displaying thousands of years of culture in Jiangnan area.
Huangbudun is known as “Little Golden Mountain”, and in the impression of Wuxi people, Huangbudun has always taken golden yellow as its dominant tone. This furbishing project maintains the major image of the "levitated golden mountain" of Huangbudun, so as to reflect the accumulation of historical and cultural heritage. Meanwhile, instead of staying similar to a resplendent view that traditional ancient buildings for commercial purpose reveal, it emanates a sense of secluded atmosphere.
Approaching the entrance of Huangbudun, the dotted lights on the floating wharf seem to guide the cruise ship to the shore. The surrounding walls display their luster, and the lighting at the top of the main landscape "Zhengqi Tower" enhances the structural beauty of the cornice and flying girders. The lights on the tile surface are intertwined with light and shade, and under the background of eco-friendly lamps, ancient buildings loom among the leaves, combing virtuality with reality in a palpable manner, which attract people to explore. The island looks like a fairyland on the water under the illumination, making Huangbudun demonstrate the more spectacular scenery than that during the time when the two emperors of Kangxi and Qianlong landed on the island sixth times.
In order to prevent the lamps from causing any negative influence on the appearance of the ancient structures, the luminaires are installed in a hidden way. The duct clamp adopts the same color as the cylinder while being painted and wrapped in a decorative texture on the outside to accomplish a completely concealed effect. The whole project employs DMAX512 digital dimming protocol to perform RGBW dimming control for the entire luminaires to meet the variegated presentations of lighting effects during various holidays.
The technical crux in this case lies in the special geographical location of the small islands in the river, and during the flood season the water level will rise and flood some of the islands. Therefore, when the lamps are set up and installed, it’s necessary to cooperate with the newly built flood control facilities, and with the installation of the mobile anti-flood wall, all the lamps inside the wall will not be swamped, which improves the service life of the luminaires. In the meanwhile, all lamps would comply with IP68 waterproof specifications to further strengthen the protection. The power supply of the whole island, simultaneously, adopts a time control system, according to which, the lighting system starts from 7:00 P.M. and turns off at 10:30 P.M. to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Designer:Huang Lei

Huang Lei is a lighting design master, a design think tank expert, senior engineer, senior lighting designer, first-class registered lighting designer, first-class BIM modeling technology engineer, and excellent survey and design engineer in Wuxi. He is currently the President of Wuxi Lighting Design Institute and also serves as an expert think tank expert of the Jiangsu Survey and Design Industry Association, an urban lighting expert of the Municipal Evaluation Center, an expert of the Municipal Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Expert Database, a nominated member of the "Golden Finger Award" China Lighting Industry Annual Large Selection East China Competition Area, a member of the Asian Lighting Designers Association (AALD), a member of the China Lighting Designers Exchange Association, and a member of the Jiangsu Lighting Society, Deputy Director of the Lighting Design Special Committee of Jiangsu Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, and member of the Municipal Engineering Branch and BIM Special Committee of Wuxi Civil Engineering Society. I have been working in the lighting industry for over 20 years and have been working on the front line of survey and lighting design for a long time. I have conducted in-depth research in various types of building lighting design, such as road and bridge livelihood, infrastructure, urban planning, cultural and tourism creativity.
As a technical leader, Huang Lei Innovation Studio, under his leadership, was named the "Employee Innovation Studio" by the Wuxi Federation of Trade Unions. He has presided over and completed nearly a hundred provincial and ministerial key projects, such as the upgrading of the Inner Ring Road of the Chengdu Universiade, the Hun River on both sides of the Shenyang Jinlang Silver Belt, the night scene renovation of the Jiangyin section along the Yangtze River, the second section of the Pudong section along the Yangtze River at the Shanghai Import and Export Expo, and the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and opening up in Bao'an District The key areas of Xiamen and the urban area of Qingdao have been brightened, the Shanghai Nanjing line of the World Expo has been upgraded, the environment of the World Buddhist Congress has been arranged, the the Taihu Lake Lake Tunnel the Taihu Lake Lake landmark tower, the Nanchang Street historical block canal light show, the Yangtze River Delta light show and other major night scene projects. The design work has won nearly 20 international and national awards, including the Muse Design Awards, Asian Lighting Design Awards, Aladdin Divine Lamp Awards, Zhongzhao Lighting Design Awards, Golden Finger Excellent Lighting Design Engineering Cases, and Survey and Design Awards. Promote technological progress and innovation with their skills and expertise, and empower the high-quality development of urban lighting.