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Network security base sharing center interior decoration design
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This project is based in Wuhan, China and relates to the interior design of the office and hotel areas of Phase I Project of Net Security Base Sharing Center. In this project, the designer creatively blends the line elements sourced from the concept “cyber security umbrella” with the time-honored culture and landscape of Wuhan, and makes the combination a part of interior decoration. The efforts to extract and use elements from different fields result in a close integration and coherence of interior design and the theme of park. As a country-oriented venue for large-scale meeting and communication, the cyber security base is wiped off tedious ornaments, but brings out a sense of solemnity and modernity using less or more uncluttered decorative means and simple color scheme. Dark gold elements and dark wood finish materials as the main colors of the interior design, with neutral gray tiles, deliver a sense of modernity and solemnity. Local decoration and soft furnishings are loaded with the culture and landscape elements of Hubei’s local characteristics, which not only brings out the theme of cyber security, but also shows the time-honored history of culture and humanistic characteristics of Wuhan. In the hotel area, an extensive use of linear decorative elements confers a greater dynamism and visual impact to the space. The main aisles in public area are covered by top surface linear elements, and air conditioning vents and ambient light bands are instructive. Lines and gridded dark patterns on the ceiling and walls of some key spaces, such as lobby and elevator lobby, make interior space more layered and modernized, reveal the modernity and innovation of the cyber security industry, and reflect the designer’s positive attention and response to the needs of the cyber security industry.

Agency: Heyi Design Group