Natural Colored Cotton Mulberry Silk Goose Down Quilt
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Natural Colored Cotton Mulberry Silk Goose Down Quilt This product is carefully crafted using pure natural colored cotton interwoven with Tencel jacquard technology. Natural colored cotton is a colored cotton found in nature that requires no chemical treatment. The filling material is high latitude Siberian white goose down, ensuring no pollution and ensuring environmental protection and safety. Its unique three-layer design cleverly separates the silk layer and the down layer, combining the dual advantages to provide customers with a brand-new warm experience. The overall design aims to showcase the beauty of harmonious coexistence with nature, offering a soft, pure, and comfortable pleasure.

Agency: Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shuixing Home Textiles Co., Ltd. is a major subsidiary of Mercury Holdings Group and a significant pioneer in China's modern home textile industry. With 35 years of development, adhering to the philosophy of "Scientific Sleep Protection, Ensuring Everyone Gets a Healthy Sleep," the company has rapidly evolved into a specialized, multi-brand enterprise that integrates research, development, design, production, and sales in the field of home textiles. The company's production, sales, channel scale, and comprehensive strength rank among the top three in the industry. In 2009, it passed the evaluation of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise and successfully went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017.