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Nansan Music Restaurant


Nampo road is a secluded secondary road in the Guiyang Bay. With few cars and few people, it is close to the Nanming Lake in Guiyang. It is a good place for leisurely strolling. The South happens to be here, not to mention its geographical location. Independent courtyard street view, Linhe District, standing Xu Feng blowing, more than 300 flat is not small, friends gather enough, but the abnormity property itself has many limitations, rich multilevel reasonable layout is the focus of space design considerations. After three o’clock in the afternoon, people can get together and chat freely in many places, only love there will be one. Nan San Music Restaurant is open from 3 pm to 3 am the next day, so it is called “Nan San”. Logo Design Witty, nocturnal owl standing in the branches, pointing to the three-point clock, started the viewer Mysterious Association. The southern air is delicate and functional. The iconic elements of the American Industrial Revolution and the bubble of innocence and fantasy are reflected in every part of space. Design for the concept of time and discard the current popular elements, classicism and Romanticism Collision, creating a concept of no time space, forming the unique style of Nansan. In order to achieve heat and not noisy, the region is divided but not alienated. Wine display area can be described as the first eye, glass box protruding from the side of the door, fine wine throughout it, the first lights on a landscape, commercial positioning self-evident. The ingenious layout of the six major guest areas highlights the advantages, activates the limitations, and at the same time meets the multilevel needs of the gathering. Small gathering box area, using intelligent dimming glass, through the controller in the transparent and fog freely switch to protect privacy. The area of the bar becomes a patchwork of bubbles to the top and down the flow of light overflow color, forming the interior of the visual center. Squeeze the bubble to form a fun window under the seat, only these three groups, always the first to be booked. Close to the Salon area, four groups sit close and divided, can be independent or free to change the combination, loose seat once removed, the stage immediately present. In a corner of the Bar, a half-covered booth is a favourite spot for lovers, Secret Love Affair. Sunny season, under the shade of trees, Small Yard, sitting outside to talk about past life. Do not like to drink to eat, even slightly drunk also do not forget to take pictures, from an aesthetic point of view to photography visual, amazing time.

Designer: Zeng Tao

One of the founders of Guizhou Design Industry Platform
Partner design director, Guizhou Jinei Construction Decoration
Engineering Co., Ltd
Founder, design Director Guizhou Fengshang Interior and Exterior
Design Engineering Co., Ltd
II:Social Honors and titles
Director, CIID Interior Architect Centre, Central School(Guizhou),China
IID Vice Chairman of Interior Design Branch of China Architectural Society
Honorary President, Guizhou Executive Committee, IEED International Union for Ecological Environment Design
Special Artistic Design Instruction of Fine Arts College of Guizhou University
China Architectural Society Interior Design Branch “1989-2019 National 100 Outstanding Interior Designers Honorary Title”