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Nanjing Vanke Emerald Riverside-Garden of shadows and light
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In the simple composition, the delicate expression displayed from the natural elements enriches the changes of the scene in the morning and evening season, and also makes the master living in it appear in the paintings of the new naturalism. Living in this delicate and elegant city of Nanjing, people's genes are full of the delicate expression of life and the pursuit of artistic beauty.
People need to have the sense of the texture of the surrounding things touch, need to feel the spatial pattern, do white but not boring, delicate but not delicate, here is not only the space where people live, but also to appreciate the beauty of the exhibition hall.
In order to reflect the information in the environment, it is important to respond to the pattern and rhythm of the environment, reflect the presentation state of the information in the appropriate position, and at the same time, choose exquisite material technology to reflect the quality within reach.

Agency: Beijing Morn Culture Co., Ltd

Morn was founded in 2014 with a " discovery. Moved " for the design concept of environmental graphic design company.
The company's main professional scope: research city, spatial information planning and design, environmental oriented system design, plane brand VI design, theme image IP series design, commercial main visual display and other design services. Appeal study the environment, the relationship between people, explore the human and environmental culture, aesthetic, scientific, through the information in the space design, build the overall coordination of visual atmosphere and environment, meet the demand of people guide and aesthetic demand, provide its management process, management standards of professional solutions.
The design category covers: international urban comprehensive development, TOD composite space, tourism theme town, commercial complex, office space, high-end residential, hotels, art and sports venues, municipal parks, residential standardization, commercial and office standardization, etc.
Morn to guide the design, with a very strong team cohesion and professional service consciousness, the project chief designer have more than 15 + years of practical experience, have a completely rigorous professional attitude and practical operation ability.
Morn team adhering to the great enthusiasm, vitality, sense of responsibility for design continuous growth, constantly break through the best integration of "business" and "art", "design concept" and "product concept", under the common vision of the enterprise, to create more inspiring design works