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The space design fully respects the locality and inheritance of the city culture, combined with the Qian Gua in the book of changes, conforms to the good moral of the universe, thrives and is strong, to“Modest gentleman, gentle as jade” as the theme to reshape the space temperament, while echoing the future owners of the modest gentleman of insight. The campus in which the project is located is a microcosm of modern civilization and spirit from ancient times to the present. From the campus to the airport and then to the cultural living room of the city, it has become a unique place memory in the hearts of Nanjing people, this area has always been a soaring position, so we use a lot of circular trace elements in space, to magnify the overlapping effects of past, present, and future space, want to create a unique navigation trajectory of Jin Mao. At the same time, the circle also symbolizes the eternal and beautiful Möbius strip, crossing the boundaries of time and space, infinite extension, symbolizing the infinite extension of a better life in the future.


Puye Jiage Space Design was founded by Ms. Sheng Yongna in 2010. It is a professional design company dedicated to interior design, lighting design, art display, global procurement and other services. Adhering to the principle of "craftsmanship leading", we provide customers with the design and landing of hard and soft decoration projects. The company has a design team of nearly 100 people and systematic talents, with diverse backgrounds of design members. With an international perspective, it provides comprehensive design and consulting services for real estate, commerce, office, hotels, private homes, etc.