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Mottled charm
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In the gaze of time and space, complete every gathering. Design is changing with people's ideology, and sometimes what space expresses is what people want to express in their hearts. Design often replaces people in speaking. The wine cellar adopts a transparent design, bringing a fun atmosphere of overlapping virtual and real layers to create a space. At the same time, the irregular metal arc roof of the wine cellar's ceiling echoes the arch of the wall panel, and the space slowly unfolds, bringing a sense of life floating.
The space features three colors: red, green, and gold; In these contrasts of light and dark, they complement each other and become the finishing touches of space. Relaxing the rhythm, making people the protagonists in gatherings, and space becoming a presence of beauty's companionship.
The light tubes in the space adopt long line lights, making the spatial outline clearer; Meanwhile, the equipped spotlights deepen the comfortable atmosphere of the space.
Hotel design has its own spatial rhythm and rhythm. The rhythm of space varies, and people's experiences also change accordingly. But I believe that the poetic design can fully make people feel happy. The two circular stacked design and the design of the line lights add their own charm and vitality to the space, reflecting its charm with the coffee colored metal color palette.

Designer:Ye Zhaohao

Engaged in design industry for 19 years, Interior Designer, National Registered Intermediate Engineer, National Registered Class II Constructor.