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Moon chase
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Project Name: Moon chase
Design Company: Shanghai yihancang Art Design Co., LTD
Chief Designer: Orange Ou
Design Cycle: August 8, 2021
Completion time: September 21, 2021
Main Materials: acrylic、Anodized aluminum、Silver-plated porcelain cup
Client Name: Shanghai yihancang Art Design Co., LTD
Photographer: Emma Zhou
English: Moon chase
Tasting life is like drinking a cup of tea
What you can take up, you can put down
The two actions of "picking up" and "putting down"
Can we give them a beautiful picture?
This is a sudden inspiration on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Therefore, I want to make a tea set that can give a beautiful "dynamic picture" as a gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
It is natural to think of the beautiful dynamic scene of "colorful clouds chasing the moon" And unconsciously hear that familiar music of the same name in the ear...
Coaster for "clouds", cup for "bright moon" Picking up and putting down, touching and separating, can produce a beautiful picture?
Modern materials are used as coasters, and two materials, milky acrylic and anodized aluminum, are selected. On the coasters, a colorful traditional Chinese pattern "auspicious cloud" is printed by UV process, and a circular anodized aluminum sheet is embedded in the center. The changing pattern of the moon waxing and waning is depicted by machine carving process.
The cups were made of silver, with Jingdezhen high white clay as the blank, and nanoscale pure silver coating as the table Silver cups have unique "reflective" characteristics Finally, "one meniscus" and "one full moon" are drawn by hand on the corresponding surfaces of the front and back of the cup.
When the "silver cup" falls on the "colored cloud" coaster With the reflection of light, A splash of colored clouds jumped up Exactly good, with the cup hand-painted "moon phase. Form a "colorful clouds chasing the moon" picture. Pick it up, the moon flies Put it down, round to color.