Best of Model Room

Model room of 102 Villas in WuShe Qingcheng Greenland


The Dujiang Weir, which rises from weirs and thrives by water, integrates mountains, water, forests, weirs, and bridges, reflecting the layout characteristics of the city with water, water in the city, and "water color and half city mountain". "Ask about Qingcheng Mountain" is the origin of this project.
People's experience of lifestyle stems from the yearning for natural art. The designer combines the design with daily life and philosophy, digs into local culture, returns to the context of nature itself, reshapes the temperature of time, forges simplicity, and makes the best interpretation of the beauty of wabi-sabi.
The designer integrates the tradition and rhyme perfectly into the modern design language, constructs the perceptual life aesthetics with the natural space scene, and makes people feel the simple and quiet things in the spiritual residence.


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