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Mo Ling Rong Jun Boutique Resort


The project is located in Zhuantang Street, Tea Town, Longwu, Hangzhou. The project area occupies a total area of 7411.9 square meters. It is located in a large tea garden and is a rare leisure resort in Hangzhou. Constructing a life aesthetic center with the central attributes of the neighborhood has become our vision for this design task. The meticulous creation of its own small environment, giving full play to the natural advantages, not disturbing the local ecology, and the design of integrating the environment have become the key to solving this problem.
Therefore, we chose the white wall as an important element in this design. The white wall and the tea garden are integrated with each other, which is full of unlimited imagination and creates different scenes and atmospheres in different seasons. It blends into the ground with a simple volume, allowing the building to be immersed in the surrounding undulating tea mountains and become a part of the natural landscape. The simple architectural form does not require too much maintenance. As the season changes, different landscapes can be evolved. Even if you are in an indoor space, you can feel nature to your heart's content.
Space planning and design:
Community activities, as the current mainstream social form, have always been the space we hope to create. This project is not only a place for accommodation, but also a life aesthetic center with a strong sense of community. From an operational perspective, we comprehensively consider the setting of public space, and free up 1,200 square meters of space to create a series of activity spaces. The living pavilion at the entrance is connected to the walkway in the block, connecting the entire project block. In order to obtain a lower floor area ratio and building density, the multifunctional hall is located on the basement floor, while the guest rooms and other public areas are above the ground floor.
The site design is combined with the topography to unfold the irregular site into parts, giving the building a sense of overall rhythm. From an original base, it is decomposed into its own courtyards, and the bulky feeling brought by the huge volume is weakened. It is divided into 15 small-scale buildings, with functions covering accommodation, catering, business meetings, customized activities, new retail exhibitions, etc. Each building has different interior design styles, each with its own characteristics and harmony, and is self-contained.

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