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ENJOYDESIGN inspects the new form of TOD development and follows the trend of the times and the foresight of urban evolution, so that the "future" comes here first.
To gather the city with people and build a human residence is the time for TOD to grasp in the process of urban evolution. By maximizing its potential as a transportation hub, TOD integrates comprehensive development and builds an efficient and multi-dimensional life while having convenience. This is the hand in hand of the city and technology, and the temperature surge of humanistic care.
With "timing" as the ignition point, this is the derivation of Shanghai META CITY. Through the precise scale of time, the timing grasped in the process of TOD development is renewed with reverence, which is not only a record of the past, but also a witness of the present and a prelude to the future. META CITY TOD complex presents not only the progress of technological aesthetics, but also the humanistic care of mechanical composition.


Founded in 2010, ENJOYDESIGN is a professional architectural interior space design company located in Guangzhou, and has opened branches in Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen. We provide product planning and personalized custom design for top clients in different industries, such as life experience centers, city showrooms, model rooms, project IP, office education, old renovation revitalization, etc. We provide custom development of overall finishing design standards for leading clients in the real estate industry.  
With a professional design team of nearly 300 people, we practice "design for the user, design for the future", insist on starting from customer insight, feeling and experience, provide many customers with admirable contemporary space design with unique design language, provide the community of function and aesthetics for the end users, restore The meaning of "aesthetics brings life back to its essence".