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Merchant – The Bund of Nantong


The Bund of Nantong is located in Nantong, a riverside city with a clear layout of mountains and rivers, integrating mountains, water, city, forest and river. As a perfect combination of natural landscape and practical functions from the inside to the outside, the project has infused fictious and realistic approaches, light and darkness, culture and humanities, architecture and environment. Through a cross-border dialogue between man, space and nature, it presents a scenery of “moist wavy lake and riverside picturesque mountains”, depicting the ever-changing breathtaking lakeside views which is light-hearted and interesting, an era’s yearning for a natural life.
31 Design has considered the architectural landscape based on interior completeness and overall layout. Inspired by the flow of the Yangtze River and the linear design of architectures, it has extended the outdoor experience of viewing and walking to indoor scenario and incorporated the seasonal changes and natural elements of the garden to achieve situational communion. The eye-catching linear patterns bring about modernity and elegance to the space atmosphere and the beauty of flowing art to its utmost extent, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors and creating a sense of organic completeness. The contrast between light and darkness, fictious and realistic scenes, different textures and the polishing of exquisite details, all make people resonate with space in their coexistence.
The front hall at the entrance has curved walls on both sides, in the shape of open arms to welcome the guests, conveying dignity and courtesy. The entire glass wall at the entrance has incorporated the outdoor courtyard landscape into the indoor space, forming a traditional ritual sense of “front hall and back courtyard, etiquette first and nature second”.
The curved wall extends inward and the trunk grows upward, creating a silent extension of the natural element. The smart screen conveys Merchant’s century-old concept of building a better life. History and nature always bring better outcomes, through slow accumulation of time.
In face of the Yangtze River, a melodious piano music allows people to pursue inner tranquility and an urban exhibition hall built in nature embraces people with fragrant flowers and singing birds.

Shenzhen Trinity Design

31 Design is dedicated to diversified interior design, customized decoration and furnishings services. We not only have extensive experience in working with many global brand hotels, but also have been setting the cutting-edge standard for emerging hotel brands in China. In the high-end real estate sector, we are also increasingly favored by influential developers, and successively undertake the design of top-level luxury residences in international metropolises such as Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Sanya and Hangzhou. With our infinite passion of commitment and dependable performance, 31 Design have gained the full trust and recognition of many customers and partners and have grown into a highly competitive team. Our works have continuously won important awards in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, bringing more commercial value than expected.
Design Philosophy
“Functional requirements, living aesthetics, business value 3 in 1” is our design philosophy. We advocate the exploration, freedom and endless curiosity all the time in our daily life. We endeavor to combine the pioneering global vision with the unique insights into the soul of oriental culture to create unlimited possibilities for life.