INNOVATION Prize of Model Room

Meishu Apartment


Project Name: Meishu Apartment
Project address: Science and Technology 1st Road, Gaokou District, Xi 'an City, Shaanxi Province
Total project floor: 27 floors
Design area: 40m2 loft, 80m2 loft
Main materials: marble tiles, wood floor, gypsum board, glass, steel
Design Theme: High-end Luxury



The matching of black and white is a classic of home. Although luxury can make people marvel and admire, it only touches the eyes, while simple and low-key taste and comfortable details can touch the heart. Home should be a place where the mind is quiet and relaxed, so I believe many people will find a place to move in this black and white apartment. Black, white and grey decorate the dining table that touches people's hearts. Simple furniture can make the space appear more spacious. The black, white and grey decoration of bar counter that touches people's hearts is the eternal theme of fashion trend. The strong contrast and refined temperament, whether extremely simple or full of tricks, can create a very eye-catching room style. Very simple black and white, can also make new designs emerge in endlessly. Under the extremely simple black and white theme color, add the extremely delicate collocation, merge various gentle and lovely female elements, the quality of the room gets infinite sublimation in the details, creating a home with incomparable design feeling. 1, pay attention to personality and cultural connotation, post-modern style as a design trend, will replace the pale of modernism with romanticism and individualism, in promoting natural and elegant life interest, more emphasis on the dominant position of humanity, highlighting the cultural connotation of design. 2. Pay attention to humanization and liberalization. Post-modernism is a rebellion against modernism's pure rationality and functionalism. In the design of post-modernism style, people-oriented design principles are emphasized, the dominant position of people in technology is emphasized, and more attention is paid to humanization and liberalization. 3. Unity of diversity. Postmodern style replaces the simple and single characteristics of modern style with complexity. Non-traditional mixing and overlapping methods are used to create an atmosphere of complexity and distance in space, which replaces the unified and clear characteristics of modern style and is more diversified in artistic style. 4. Pay attention to the integration of history and modern technology. Post-modern style advocates inheriting traditional culture. Under the influence of nostalgia, post-modern style combines traditional elegance with modern novelty while pursuing the trend of modernization to create a popular design that integrates fashion and elegance.

Designer : Shiqi Wang

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts
Social position : Member of China Interior Decoration Association Member of Shaanxi Interior Decoration Association Senior Interior Designer Registered by China Decoration Association General Manager of Shaanxi Jianpu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.


Born in Tangshan, Hebei Province 2002-Admitted to Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts Department of Architectural Environment Art. 2007-Completed the bachelor's degree course of Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts Department of Architecture and Environmental Art with excellent results, and won the first prize of Graduation and Design College in the same year. 2008-Substitute Teacher of Environmental Art Major in Xi 'an Foreign Affairs College of Xi 'an Eurasia University 2010-Assistant Designer of Belgolin Landscape Design Company 2012-Director of School Teachers' Studio Design 2014-Store Manager of Xi 'an Branch of Beijing Jutailong Physical Home 2014-China Interior Decoration Association Passed Intermediate Interior Designer 2016-Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Mayquez Design Company 2016-China Interior Decoration Association Becomes Senior Interior Designer 2016-Senior Professional Qualification Certificate of the People's Republic of China 2017-Research and Completion of Guanzhong Dwellings by the International Art Fund of the People's Republic of China 2018-Founder of Shaanxi Jianpu Decoration Design Company
2007-New Rural Design Won First Prize in Graduation Design of Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts 2010-Outstanding Award for Participating in Xi 'an Street Reconstruction Project 2016-First Prize for Interior Design of Mr. Zhang Qujiang Villa in Boss Cup 2017-Excellent Graduation Award for Renovation and Design of Residential Buildings in Guanzhong Area, National Art Fund 2018-Outstanding Designer Award of China Architectural Decoration Association 2018-Model Room Won the Most Commercial Value Award of China Architectural Decoration Association 2019-TOP100 Global Chinese Influential Designers at Sino-US International Design Cultural Exchange Exhibition and Innovation Design Awards 2019-Innovation Design Award between Model Designs of Sino-US International Design Cultural Exchange Exhibition 2019-Gold Creation Award, International Space Design Award, Professional Bronze Award