Best of Dinning Space



Because the client expects to convey a healthy and high-quality dining culture through this space, the design team created a simple and bright dining environment by integrating design elements of the site surrounding environment with modern and simple design techniques. The overall space planning improves the flaws of the original site by providing open view, clean and simple color tone, clean lines, and a natural and comfortable environment; which satisfied the client’s expectations.

Designer : Shih-Ming Liu, Shih-Ming Lo, Cheng-Ham Lin

The designers have been engaged in the interior design industry for 6 years, constantly observing the global design trends and styles in search for new inspiration. Expert at expressing the essence of contemporary design with simple, clean and innovative methods, Scholar Design Studio does not limit to one particular kind of style. Based on the client’s living habits, needs, preferences and location, the design team provides a customized plan for each unique client through a careful analysis.