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Project Name | ME BEAUTY
Project location | Century Plaza, Zhangzhou, Fujian
Project area | 418 square meters
We want to create a deep, romantic, and retro atmosphere, how can customers experience the romance and elegance of the space at first glance? I will use the color scheme for the caramel and khaki projects, and also hope to establish a new brand image and awareness among the high-end customer base by redefining the aesthetics of this space.
Enter the reception lobby and use an arc shaped design to connect the staircase armrest with the front desk area, creating a silky and smooth appearance.
When designing, we use arc-shaped lines to reflect the femininity of women; Create a lightweight and coherent sense of spread through the interpolation of surfaces and the segmentation of blocks; Enable customers to enjoy the unique feeling brought by the space while enjoying the service.
To bring a structural beauty to the space, two columns are added in the multi-functional hall to enhance the sense of hierarchy and strength of the space; Increasing the independence of the hall space and passageways also has decorative properties. And in public areas, we will operate public halls in multi-dimensional scenarios, build social scenes, plan interesting and rich activities to accumulate popularity, increase customer stickiness, and achieve connections between people and space, evolving into a new and ever-changing commercial space; Enhance the comprehensive experience of users; Embed the brand infinitely into the artistic atmosphere.

Designer:XIE LIYU.

Founder of Wushe Space Aesthetics.
National Senior Interior Designer/Color Aesthetics Consultant/Soft Decoration Designer/Storage Engineer.
Top Ten Designers of WAD World Cities (Fujian).
Retained Dao Zhangzhou Storage Engineer/Storage Instructor.
WAD World Youth Outstanding Design.
Fujian Heart Design Competition · Annual Emerging Designer.
Jintang Award · Top 10 Cities of the Year (Fujian).
Best Color Design Award at the 8th China Exhibition Design Art Forum Design Art Competition of CIID.