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May you live in a interesting world


Where each story is born,
There is a kind of beauty. We encounter it, and we are touched by it,
Ripples in the heart,
New stories are born.
This sentence comes from the Venice biennial exhibition that coincides with the feelings about the changing world. Regardless as a professional designer, also as an average person who lives and works in this city.
In the living-room space, we develop different ideas, get rid of conventional methods, start with points, lines, and surfaces to create an artistic atmosphere for space. Use of the grey marble and color of wood as a primary color to express the texture.The primitive lines indoors are taken and geometrically change into light strips, laminates, into horizontal and vertical lines, dividing and lining up, transforming structure and blocks.
In this space, according to different forms and materials of furniture, white sofas and geometric element carpets are selected as the focal point of the space, and the gray marble coffee table is contrasted with the background marble wall wooden veneer panels to present a three-dimensional space. Moreover, a sense of extension and writes down the rate flow on a flat space, extending the master’s tracks in life.

Designer: Lu Hui

Design concept:I think that the design should be artistic. The Artistic value of design is the key point for measuring our life. Therefore, Design work is the construction of people's life. We respect the design aesthetics and promote the consumption of beauty in life. We continuously create beautiful design works to make the design changes our life.
Graduated from Hubei institute of fine arts The founder and design director of Shangzuo space studio

In 2019, Shangzuo Space Studio won the Idea-Tops award for excellence in apartment design in the Wuhan competition area.
In 2019, Shangzuo Space Studio won the 40under40 award of design Outstanding Youth in Wuhan.
In 2019, Shangzuo Space Studio won the award of Guanghua longteng 100 design outstanding youth in China.
In 2020, Shangzuo Space Studio won the 40under40 award of design Outstanding Youth in Wuhan.
In 2020, Shangzuo Space Studio won the kapok award in the most beautiful minimalist interior space in China.