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Magic Apartment


Title:The fantasy night of Salvador Dali and YiYou
You were in the past, I am here.
There were light years between you and me thousand and thousand years ago. I have not been there, you have not been here. I saw you because of the transmission video after the disappearance. You know I am here
Fantasy and reality
A white dusty Spanish galleon stand between amid ferns and palm-trees in the quiet morning light. The ship leans slightly to the right, there is still shabby sail rest on the Intact mast, the cables are dotted with flowering orchids. The body of the boat is covered with a smooth armor of petrified echeneis naucrates and soft moss, embedded firmly in the rocky earth. The whole ship seems to occupy a unique space belongs to a space with loneliness and oblivion which avoid from the erosion of time and the harassment of birds. When the expedition explored the interior, they found nothing but only a jungle of flowers in full bloom.
——'One Hundred Years Of Solitude’ by Marquez



Light in the darkness
Light is the tears and mercy of god, the shadow of the fragment of the star. The background of universal microwave is the oldest light in the universe. The soul of romanticism produces a fabulous light. Measure the time and space of darkness with light, feel the light shining in the deep universe. God melted the light into darkness.
The ideal absurdity
Everything I am available is that even a world without a god can also produce rich behavior styles and a man stay on the universe alone can also create his own value. I think that is the only problem we are facing to in this era. ——Albert Camus
One evening I walked along the path, A city on one side and a fiord below me on the other side. I suffered from exhaustion and illness, then stopped to look across the fiord. The sun was going down and the clouds were painted in red as blood. I felt a sharp shout went between heaven and the land; I could hear the voice of the scream. I painted this picture, the clouds which really seemed like blood. The colors are screaming. —— Edvard Munch
A human voice
In the boundless universe, turmoil and twist, the dimensionless penetration of vision and hearing, a kind of immortal and shocked power; the communication without disguise between Symbolic soul and inner world.

Designer :Yi You:

Studying in China Academy of Fine Arts。Design Director, Partner,
Shanghai Fendou Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd。Head of Ningbo Studio.