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Lu’an Library
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Build a modern library. We hope that starting from here, colorful reading is no longer an imagination, nourish the whole city of Lu'an, and allow readers to enter a brand new upgrade of the participatory reading experience.
The collision of the radical operating philosophy and the old model became a great resistance to the initial project. It also left many regrets for the subsequent reconstruction of the overall reading space. Taking over from civil construction, the owner team has made great efforts to strive for the best construction conditions for the library.

The library of the future should plan for them, so that more readers can develop reading habits from an early age is what the library should do.
The design team's overall grasp of the project is no longer the pursuit of an illusory appearance in form, but the core of the reader's own experience.

Agency: Jie Fei Jie

Jiefeijie was founded in Shanghai. As a full-process design service provider, it is good at creating high-quality interior and landscape spaces. Its service areas cover cultural complexes, high-end residences, commercial offices, tourism and vacations, boutique hotels, cultural and art centers, etc.
Regardless of nationality, we gather like-minded industry elites to tailor each project with an international vision and professional attitude. Participate in the service from concept to landing. To meet the needs of people as the starting point, to pursue the perfect combination of function, technology and art, and value-added innovation, to help customers maximize value is our service tenet.
In recent years, the company has risen rapidly under the constant recognition of customers. Especially in Central China, we have built high-end office spaces including Daikin China Central China Headquarters, Suzhou Hailu Heavy Industry, China Development Bank Shanghai Branch, and Hiti International Shanghai Headquarters.
We are committed to becoming an industry model in the field of high-end boutique design.