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Louis’s love letter for the century


This is a love letter from Louis Liou to Hangzhou and the past century.
Architecture becomes the container of life.Collision and amalgamation of culture and time,and to recreate the modern times for the owner. The collision between western art and oriental history, mixed out a colorful life scene of the good old days. Its delicacy, elegance and dignity deeply attracted the owner and designer.
The most original part of history has inspired Louis, he extracted a set of asymmetric and geometric decorative line as prototypes, to be the deepest design vocabulary in his design, after his visits to the historic buildings sites in Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenyang.
Each carpet pattern is specially designed, radial pattern and semicircular color charts are the classic symbols from Art Déco era. Based on the unalloyed framework, the modern art symbol and city spirit blended the noble character into the architectural texture. Metropolis infested with foreign adventurers find the unique expression of the space through ingenious design.
Water patterned glass poured down like a flowing waterfall, white and ice blue , light pink and green, like neon flashing in old time Shanghai, solidified the prosperous memory,creating a hazy but transparent feeling for the space. The boundary of space is eliminated, and the real world and dream space are gradually blurred.
Argyle chair from the Art Nouveau movement, , slender column, oval head pillow and lifelike swallow carving reveal the craft aesthetics advocated by mackintosh style everywhere. The modern architecture manual of L.E.HUDEC, the famous architect of old Shanghai, enriches the spirit of collection room, where the treasure of all time were collected and displayed.
When Arts D é co elements were integrated into space,you can see the past, but also embrace the present and the future. Push into strain gilt door, it’s suddenly a room of exquisite present in front of you. The ink screen with appropriate shade is lingering with a sense of tranquility and protection. Elegance as flowing clouds with the curve, the unique lines enlightened the original regular space.
With the changes of a century, urban evolution has gradually melted into the years. Hides the modern style in the corner of the building,quietly builds a peaceful place hidden in the bustling city.

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