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Longfor Elegant Mansion Model Room
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Project Name: Longhu · Yunhe Inkstone Model Room
Location: Shunyi District, Beijing
Design Company: DY-Design
Chief Designer: Lili Wang
Assistant Designer: Jia Du
Design Cycle: March 10, 2022-July 15, 2022
Main Materials: Furniture, lamps, carpets, fabrics and other decorations
Client Name: Beijing Longfor Real Estate
Main Materials: Stone, wall cloth, metal, wood finish
Client Name: Shandong Luneng Genfu Development Co., Ltd
Photographer: Kiman Photography
Enjoy elegance in the name of light
Chase after the pursuit of prosperity
Pursue the eternal warmth
Reach profound reverberations
Take your time and enjoy the ease
Home is a carrier, which brings together the family memories and gives us a comfortable and calm space. This multi-angle adaptation is a wonderful vitality, which grows into the most tacit symbiosis under the feeding of living time and daily flow.
This design is a four-storey stacked villa, with two types of space above ground and underground. The designer will expand the advantages of the smart layout of the stacked household, balance the daily atmosphere and emotional interaction, the space optimization and field division of different levels, with the ubiquitous "light" as the theme, thus bringing a new look to the overall space.
The main vein of light leads the elegant and calm atmosphere of the whole house, then transmits the silent power of moistening things through immersion. Therefore, it goes through every corner while following the light, then casts a piece of warm and comfortable moment.
The living room is the beginning of the household, but also the definition of home and life style.
Starting from the basic house structure, the designer takes into account the living needs of three generations, then creates an open and elegant space with a bright and simple style. Tan marble floor and light carpet form progressive layers to emphasize the three-dimensional beauty; the sofa acts as a recessive divider, marking out two spaces for conversation and dining, bringing the family closer together while sharing the complete French window.
Chairs and natural stone gold tabletop echo the calmness and elegance. The art installation on the dining table creates a dynamic and infinite silhouette with smooth curved surface and unique design lines. Under the bright reflection of the creative light belt above the dining room, it reveals the exploration of the unknown world gradually.
Designers pay attention to bring the feeling of stability and warmth in the elderly room. The theme of soft decoration is based on the red color, with the gray bed in the texture of cotton and linen, accompanying the delicate and comfortable fabric texture for a happy living space. Witnessing the half-lotus art chandelier at the head of the bed, leisurely listening to the poetic lingering of the rain, with ease and imagination, bringing the elders cosy vibe with vitality in the light of the sky clouds.
The whole second floor is a quiet resting area for the whole family, hence keeping the balance of light and shadow is the main challenge. The master bedroom opens in a simple and bright atmosphere, with natural light and clear lines in relaxation. The white gauze curtain brings the breeze and clouds, while the half-pack bed circumference echoes the linear light source of the ceiling, thus enhancing the refinement of the whole space.
The boys' room has a lively nature and a cool style. Designers use the whole wall to create a storage space, when the basketball and the beloved AJ placed on the moment, the paradise of dreams will be opened.
With simple black soft leather chair, the whole bed is artfully matched with the silver art ornaments, making the whole room three-dimensional and vivid. Love the dream, the future set sail in their own hands.
Different from boys, girls' room is relatively warm and pure. The bed sets coral pink as the main color with soft and warm comfort on romantic thoughts. The pillow has a small plush rabbit tail, smart and lovely to set off the vitality in the fairy tale world of small surprises. Cloud wall lamp complies hand-painted style with germinating, accompanying the lovely doll and cello soft, all of which deduce the girl's elegance and vitality.
The ground floor is reserved as a space for reading and drinking tea. The designer captures the flow of time and completely retains the permeability of light, making this area with natural lighting as the most tender and elegant place in the home.
The reserved glass skylight in the courtyard on the first floor creates a beautiful corner with natural light and shadow. MOROSO Italian armchair is located in a corner, and the details of the unique process fabric and exquisite embroidery can endow our abundant thoughts. The comfort provided by the line sense is properly integrated with the whole space style, filling the gentle elegance with shining.
Surrounded by green plants, you can drink tea leisurely; red and draw another world while enjoy the tea art; this is happiness in life, but also the nourishing gift of light and shadow.
The high living room area breaks the shackles of rules and presents a profound vision.
As an important visitor space, the designer uses the marble wall as a whole to paint the background wall for the vigorous atmosphere of white waves. The ceiling is treated with transparent light source all around by combining outdoor and indoor light, so as to broaden the bright vision. Placing comfortable sofa in a few corners of the arc, endowing relaxation while hanging lights with colorful dancing, bringing abundant level of space rendering.
The "cloud" sculpture in the corner of the living room uses the black base with a sense of power as the base, which sets off a few strokes of white floating above lightly. It is the romantic lightness with hope and longing; it’s the gentle and delicate fog with transparency and tenderness; it’s an elegant skyward white bird, spreading wings toward the sky with a soft and firm vision.
The flow of light and shadow is a charming design language. In the art installation on the wall, square modules made of stainless steel corroded metal are connected in series. When the light gradually enters, the shadow leaves a real and unreal track on the wall, which seems to be the layers of the dark current of time surging. When the tide rises, it shows the glittering space-time staggered beauty.
The marble table top and the bar with high chairs are the small space reserved by the designer for the master, since a drink at leisure can temporarily put away all worries.
Follow the light and come to the new environment, bearing the gentle and nourishing elegance in the name of light with rhyme calmness, leaving alone the gains and losses, every ray of light is back to the rhyme of floating life.

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