GOLD Prize of Hotel Club Space

Liuzhou·China Resources Xingfuli Club


Project Location: Hedong District, Liuzhou
Project Area: 1800 m2
Chief Designer:Ronger Kane
Interior design team: Zhang Xuyu, Xiong Yueping, Hu Meiqi
FFE and Executive team: He Jing, Liu Mengying, Tang Xiaofang
Main materials: natural marble, ceramic tile, wood finish, fireproof board, metal, glass, wallpaper



Square represents for justice, circle for wisdom; activeness for talent, stillness for will. This project perfectly mix square with circle, divides the space in terms of function, aims to find the balance of space in the square axis, connects the matrices and returns to the “circle” point. The design of squares and circles is the result of wisdom. The designer splits the space but not keep every part separated completely, which makes the whole space flexible, ingenious and visual impact, showing the interaction between nature and space, creating an active and appropriate atmosphere. For the design of the glass daylighting ceiling, the spiral ladder spirals down, connecting the upper and lower space, making the field clear, demonstrating the modern avant-garde visual tension; rustic materials with simple and plain lines present the sense of macro stability, which is also the beauty of balance that the project is trying to achieve.
Great masterpiece drives from steady accumulation and is thoroughly tempered. From a broader perspective, Liuzhou’s uniqueness lies in its pureness, oddness, cleverness and interest, while its scenery is just the beginning and culture is the core of the city. From humanistic characteristics to symbols of space, condensed unique stories are vividly showed in space, presenting an artistic scene of coexistence and integration of landscape and humanity. The rhyme and interest of the space are consistent with local context and temperament, which not only creates the artistic characteristics of the space, but also conveys the ideal philosophy of living.