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Lin Junsheng Design Office is located in Xiyuan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou. As this design project is our own new office space, we hope to break the original living scene in space and upgrade to art space. While expressing itself, we can create a comfortable and functional space to display the company's design philosophy and design techniques.
In terms of design, we fully considered the needs of the team and daily activities to endow the space with new characteristics, with simplicity as the core design concept, white as the main color, and our DNA blue as the secondary color in some parts. We also used special materials to decorate the space, and cooperated with art soft decoration devices to create an office atmosphere of art space.
We use the art gallery as the inspiration to build the space into a small art gallery. The space mainly displays installation works, handmade art paintings, sculptures, special new material crafts, etc. The original solid wood furniture products are used as the reception area, forming a collision between modern space and plain space.

Designer: Liem

He graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts in 2009 and has stayed in school for many times with works and school scholarships.
From 2008 to 2015, he has been working as a Visual Manager / Director in relevant companies, engaged in commercial space design, and exchanged and studied with international friends on space projects. After 2015, he successively became the principal of Lin Junsheng design office, the principal of Hangzhou Huaji Decoration Design Co., Ltd. and the image director of Hangzhou Jinghao culture and creativity Co., Ltd. Since graduation, I have visited Japan, Italy, France, South Korea and other places for many times.