INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Light of Daihu – taste


Project orientation: the times are changing and the society is progressing. The owner is a couple after 60, who pursues high quality and taste of life, but does not love luxury and complexity. Therefore, we redefined "luxury" and created warm, relaxed, joyful, fashionable, lively and noble life atmosphere for them with bright colors and elegant colors.



Space artistic conception: the space is dominated by neutral colors of leather and wallpaper. The delicate texture is conveyed by the purity of colors. Jazz white, stone, copper strip and high gloss ebony wallboard are visually abandoned and publicized. Through the ingenious combination of lines and color blocks, the space atmosphere of light luxury and new fashion is created. In terms of furniture selection, we choose Mecca's caracole series and sofa's We don't have more eye-catching and rich color overlay. Instead, we integrate and increase the comfort of the application. The details reveal a delicate life style Maybe you are a new upstart in the city, maybe you are a successful person with taste, maybe you can completely control your life, when everything is just fine, you will find it difficult, but so on, life will go forward eventually!
Spatial layout: the house type of this case is a four story villa with row structure, which has great limitations. Many structures cannot be demolished and changed. Therefore, there is not much space for transformation in the layout. We only made some minor adjustments in the functionality. On the first floor, we demolished the kitchen wall to expand the area of the kitchen, and at the same time, we changed the backyard hall into a laundry room, making the functional area more independent. On the second floor, we mainly divided an independent dressing room in the main bedroom, which formed a smooth moving line for washing, changing and sleeping. On the lower floor, we divided the area into a gym, a wine cellar, a storage room, a maid's room, and a multi-functional hall.
Design and material selection: main material brands of the project: (wall and floor tiles) oubrunei / Nobel (floor), Pan American floor (kitchen and bathroom / hardware), Kohler / polanggao (kitchen appliances), smge (fresh air for air conditioning), Hitachi / Panasonic (Lighting / Intelligence), renis / Schneider / tramay lighting (cabinet / whole house customization), Kingwood / Yifan customized Meijia Jianbu stairs and Ruihe soft decoration

Zhang Su

Design organization: Ketu interior design studio
Title: founder and design director
Graduated from Milan University of technology, Italy
Senior interior architect of China Architecture Association

Senior residence designer of China Construction Association
2002-2007 chief designer of Beijing Yezhifeng decoration company
2007-2009 chief designer of Beijing Longfa decoration company
Outstanding award of 2012 Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition
Excellent creative award of nesting award of the third China International Space Environment Art Design Competition in 2013
2018 Sixth International Space Design Award ID + G gold Creative Award International Space Design Competition professional copper Award
The most beautiful and elegant space design award annual excellent award of China Design Award of red cotton in 2019