Best of Villa Space

Light Life


Space: Architectural structure is the carrier of space art, light and shadow is the soul of space art, and natural wind is the life of space art! Color is the atmosphere of space art! All of these constitute the most important design elements in this case! This case focuses on the design arrangement of the space, committed to creating the villa space top space experience. The dismantled staircase and the guest dining room on the empty floor form a strong space interaction and sharing, forming a north-south transparent sharing space connected by three empty floors. Through the interpenetration of light and shadow, it shows a smart and vibrant space.
Function: The empty guest dining room can meet the basic functional requirements of the largest scale luxury house. The setting of the secondary leisure hall can meet the functional requirements of tea drinking, leisure and drink making interaction. The function of breakfast restaurant island meets the needs of life such as breakfast and western food. The basement is also equipped with billiards area, sound and film room, babysitter room, laundry room, storage room and other basic living needs functional space. The bedroom space on the top floor forms the form of three large suites, all of which are equipped with toilets and cloakrooms, meeting the basic living needs of the current villa. The whole functional area is divided according to the basic principles of ensuring sufficient volume and comfortable sharing of public space, and then satisfying the basic living requirements of private areas (realized in the form of suites). Meet the function of recreational space of basic life interest again.
Color: The use of color around the space creates a home full of artistic and life atmosphere. The basic principle of the application of hardcover color is to be stable and unified without loss of change. The use of metope wood veneer and stone is to maintain the principle of unity and consistency, tonal stability. The color of the ground is applied with black and white gray 3 classic colors as the foundation, have change while also maintaining certain balance is stable, the soft outfit furniture that can jump below proper restriction control. Soft outfit appeared on the use of green color, orange color, there are also difficult to control, such as wine red but distinctive bold colors, whole space while jumping between maintaining the linked to each other and mutual checks and balances, the relationship between soft and hard with space between each other but also to maintain a balance we need stability, vibrant life breath again at the same time, elegant style.

Designer: Min Zhang

2009-2015 Hangzhou Yisheng Decoration design Center senior creative designer
2015-2020 Shanghe Decoration Design Co., LTD. Partner Design Director
Member of Hangzhou Young Designers Association
China (Zhejiang) Design Outstanding Youth (2019-2020)
His works have been published in Ruili magazine for many times. (The new issue of "The Perfect Life" will be published in the column of "Ya Zhai Story" in September.
Design concept: good design, unique and creative design is the design we desire!