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Life is style


Tang Zhonghan once said: Life is stytle, diffient and brilliant. To a certain extent ,private house design aims at helping house owners to enter their own living state comfortably, so that home has their own unique flavor and story.
The owner of this house is a couple of post-90s, with a pair of lovely children. They like fashion and art, and have collected many kaws art dolls and all kinds of animation Garage Kit. From the four aspects of theme creation, function setting, space layout and decoration details, the designer has created a modern humanistic space with fashionable appearance and delicate and comfortable core.
This 180 square meter flat floor residence has three bedrooms, two living rooms and three bathrooms, with high storey height. However, the disadvantage is that the living room accounts for too much, and the two rooms face north, with small area and insufficient comfort.
After fully communicating with the owner, the designer rearranged the space. He designs like this: from the West into the house, left and right dynamic separation, South three bedroom design, North for the kitchen and dining room, living room, study integrated multi-functional space design. The space is divided into two parts, one side is open and extended, which is defined as the reception and family activity area; the other side is comfortable and introverted, which is defined as a quiet and private sleeping area. Because the three bathrooms were changed into two bathrooms, the area of bedrooms and storage space was expanded, and the comfort of living was improved.
Entrance porch is a row of trendy hand-made storage cabinet. The owner's interests and hobbies have been fully displayed here, and has become the best decorative picture of the porch. Light through the cabinet line slit gently sprinkle,and delicate handmade in the light is particularly eye-catching. These handmade at the same time distributed in different corners of the home, constituting the decorative theme of this space.
In the open multi-functional space on the north side of the room, the large-area French windows make the space clear and wide. Different functional furniture defines the regional nature of the space. From the dining room to the study, from the bar table, the combination sofa to the desk cabinet, furniture, material and space echo each other. With the free expansion of space and the rigid and flexible changes of utensils contain ,it bears the different states and needs of the owners in the space and interprets the same frequency of space and residents
Through a dark door beside the study, you can enter the master bedroom. The lighting surface on both sides of the southeast makes the bathroom and the room have abundant light, landscape and fresh air. The bedroom uses soft color as a whole, with red highlights some parts. With exquisite bedside lighting and artistic beauty, it is elegant and romantic. In the main guard, there is a white bathtub with elegant arc. Taking a bath before going to bed is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment.
The entrance of the son’s room and daughter’s room is on the right side of the porch, and a shared activity area is designed in the middle. In the space theme, the designer takes different colors as the distinction,.Pink is for girl, gray for blue gentleman. Different colors stand for the same love and care of parents.
The difficulty of simple space design lies in the treatment of details. How to comb the lines of space and hide the visual obstacles caused by the pattern, equipment and pipeline? In this respect, the designer hides part of the beams and columns in the facade through layout and facade treatment, and uses the space of cloakroom and cabinet to hide the air and return air of the air conditioning system, making the space very neat. In the space, in the details, designing with heart, let the home belong to you.

Designer: HU JIN FENG

Member of the Federation of Young Designers; Member of International Interior Design Association for Architectural Decoration;
Member of Ningbo Interior Designer Association; Registered Senior Interior Designer;
Golden Creative Year 2019 7th TOP10 Elite Designer Award;
The seventh gold creative soft display / silver award in 2019; Invited to participate in 2019 creative life design Japanese craftsman's heart trip;
Works selected 2019-2020" China International Interior Design Yearbook ";
The eighth Golden Creative Award International College Students Space Design Competition specially invited professional actual combat design mentor;
40UNDER40 China (Ningbo) design outstanding youth;