INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Life Artist Huangpu Riverside


This case is located in the best place to cross the river with the Expo site. This is the top residence for gathering the essence of the city. Designers combine the historical accumulation of the integration of China and the Ocean with the life inspiration of the top celebrities, tailor-made for the social spire stratum, and create an extraordinary living lineage. In the process of exploring the spirit of temperament, art is the guide of a consistent life, shaping a unique ideal space, just to live up to the value of this land.
Space carries life, and design is no longer to create a certain visual feeling, but more about human nature, rebuild the good relationship between people and things, and build a life state consistent with the heart. No stubborn ideas, not bound by thinking, with a relaxed and humorous way to tell the story of modern art. We put life into space art and inject it into life to make it agile.
The spiral stairs abandon the original edges and corners, and adjust the curvature and straight lines. Through leather handrails and steps, soft lights and walls, the temperature is transmitted to the details. Every step here is a note, every inch of armrest is a rhythm, and the piano hall forms a beautiful music in harmony with the dynamic and static. Make the space have a unique music beauty.



Porch, there is no barrier to real walls, but clean and transparent plexiglass. Space is soft, fuzzy, flexible and uncertain. We break the conventional form of the entrance, deliberately blurred the boundaries of space, will design and invisible.
The beautiful lines of the piano match the graceful chandeliers, and as the interlaced black and white keys are advancing one after another, an abstract painting with artistic sense on the wall makes the space extended and the field of vision more transparent. The picture is quiet and peaceful, listen quietly, the voice in the heart, let the soul return to nature, get relaxed, go deep into the soul.
The living room in the continuation of the white space tonality, with the warm orange sunshine ignited the whole space, and then into the blue harmony, which ups and downs of the aesthetic feeling, creating the rhythm and rhythm of the space. It also integrates a balanced and harmonious beauty, bringing people a sense of belonging. The crystal pendant lamp hanging from the natural crystal is bright and bright, and the circle in series is permeated with ingenious and ingenious breath. It is seamlessly connected to the piano area, bringing the aesthetic feeling of art into the living room, subliming in art, and giving a better vision of life. It arouses people's associations of tolerance, modernity, advanced sense and so on.
he restaurant looks up, smooth lines, different gray-scale colors, artistic decorations scattered on the table, lifelike, make the space more lively. When the visual dots are embellished with streamlined pictures at the edge of the meal, they reveal an infinite sense of modern design. The green branches in the bottle and the golden ornaments on the table inject the spirit into the space and delineate a dreamlike space with nature and elegance. Here, the artistic music between it and the piano hall in the living room is interlaced and continued, and is calmly and vividly in a state of continuous occurrence.
The lounge on the staircase has the functions of entertainment, leisure, wine tasting, reading and so on. The perfect interlacing of black and white and colorless, with the blue and gold eye-catching ornament, can condense the continuous sunshine vitality through the sense of fashion. On lazy afternoons or leisure weekends, hold a private party, get together and drink together, talk and laugh freely, and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable time.
The master bedroom, as the host's refuge, is composed of orange and golden sunlight to form a warm, quiet and comfortable space, simple and pure. The low-key lazy grey background is more suitable for embracing the deep sleepiness. In Picasso's deconstructionist paintings, the lines are concise and neat, the colors are rich and hierarchical, and there is no noise but a unique style. Under the backdrop of the round chandelier at the head of the bed, it strengthens the permeability of the space and accepts the more pure baptism of sunshine.
The living room space chooses gray as the main tone, restrained and calm, concise and harmonious, Van Gogh's paintings, the vast blue harvest of yellow, rich color expression, warm and beautiful. Do you also feel the beauty of summer flowers and autumn leaves? I feel that the nature of the inhabitant's heart has artistic poetry and painting, as well as a spiritual home. Looking at each other carefully, the correlation between the display is also unique. The circles wrapped in metal chassis are reflected on the bright ground, blooming a brilliant flower.
Almost all the households used in the children's room have warm arc contact surface, clean and uniform wall and bright and refreshing household decorations. The transparent yarn and soft color blocks on the whole face gently surround the children's room, as if each color was covered with a thin layer of cream, gentle Lake blue, refreshing, sweet and fresh, filled with innocent childlike innocence. The stars dotted on the carpet create a quiet and romantic atmosphere. The quiet and restrained blue-green and soft and lovely pink are matched together, full of youthful fairy tale vision and fantasy.
Every detail of parents'room and sky, blue light and sea, reveals the ideal temperament of being close to life but higher than life.
The overall design continues the design concept of a life artist with extraordinary temperament. In this artistic space, more attention is paid to the inhabitants'inner feelings, relaxed whispers and communication. It creates a flow melody of comfortable space and describes the pursuit of high quality of life dream. Every frame of the picture, inspired by nature and art, is freely used in the design, with a warm and concise interpretation of the unique aesthetic spirit, where imagination can be extended endlessly.

Name: Xiang Shujie

English Name: Stefanie
Introduction: founder of Xiang S. space design, former design director of a well-known company. Over the years, he has won many interior design awards. He is good at developing the possibility of space with aesthetic techniques such as mix and match, conflict, etc., and expressing the essence of design with the unity of appearance and internal contradiction.
Education experience: studied in art design major of China University of mining and technology

Award: first prize of villa in the first architectural interior design competition in Shanghai
13th National Design "Master Award" gold medal
Red Star Macalline cup is the gold medal of creative design competition for "sitting + sitting"
"Power of reproduction" gold medal of contemporary international art and Design Exhibition
"Nesting Award" bronze award of China International Space Environment Art Design Competition
Previous projects: Fortune Sea View Garden / Greenland Huangpu riverside / Green City Rose Garden / Shanghai Taohuayuan / Lujiazui No.1 courtyard / Sheshan Golf Villa / Vanke Emerald Riverside / haipo Huangpu / haipo Fenghua / Renheng Senlan Garden / lvbaofuding Villa / Xijiao Garden Villa / Palm Spring Villa, etc
Design concept: awaken people's perception of beauty and explore the temperament and spirit of space to transmit high-quality lifestyle.