Best of Home Residence

Liangjiang Yuyuan


The design began with the study on life patterns and dynamic lines.
The owner and the designer have a lot of consensus to the preference of dimensional form and design concept, such as open and free public spaces, eclectic way of resting (do what feels most comfortable), fuzzy spatial boundaries, space with a variety of functions, private personal space, smooth dynamic line, explicit demand, and neglect to other people's opinions.
According to the actual situation of the owner's family, we put forward the zoning proposal as follows: the first floor is a public space, which is open and free as far as possible. The two children are younger and also live on the first floor. In addition, the second floor is the master bedroom, with perfect functions and high comfortability. On the second floor, the slightly lower space due to a pitched roof is planned as a children's play area.
The position and form of stair are the entry point of the design. We hope that the staircase is not only a transportation facility, but also a space highlight. The stair position we chose gives consideration to both the open feeling of the first floor and the maximization of the area of the second floor. Moreover, the initial steps where the staircase of the first floor starts are lengthening to form a platform of sitting and lying. And a small tree is set in it to form the indoor visual focus, facing close to due west and forming a beautiful shadow in the sun.
The owner is a good cook and has high requirements for the kitchen and dining room. So, we designed the area of 1/3 of ground floor as dining room space, in which the kitchen with perfect function and smooth dynamic line improves the abilities of the owner greatly.
For the layout of the second floor, the sense of space brought by the slope roof, the effective use of low space, how to solve the problem of insufficient daylighting surface and other factors are considered comprehensively, and the quality of life of the owner is ensured through the proper dynamic and static combination.
In addition, we create a fresh and natural visual effect by using ordinary materials such as wood, terrazzo, latex paint, and even the concrete of the original structure in some places, so as to bring everything back to its original state. Light is the best brush, green plants are the soul of the space. We hope that the owner can put down all the baggage and return to the original state in this space.

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd. is an independent design company jointly established by several well-known designers in the industry in 2014. It is the vice president unit of Chongqing Federation of Architectural Interior Design Enterprises.
With rich design experience, surging creative inspiration and good professional ethics, the company has not only been recognized by the market, but also by the academia.
Each of our design schemes is customized according to the own situation of the customer, rather than mass production; namely, each set of design has its own unique charm. We will think from the customer's point of view. In order to ensure that every work can be done to the best, we attach great importance to the control of each link in the construction process!
We hope that the final effect of each project is exquisite, rather than virtual renderings!