INNOVATION Prize of Office Design



The reason why it is called "Weiyang" means: limited space, endless design; boundless thinking, creative Weiyang. Weiyang is a young and dynamic design firm. Weiyang looks like a new face, but she has been pregnant with me for more than ten years. Everything I have verified in the past ten years is that it is possible for her to come to this world. I am confirming what kind of design I want to make, what kind of people I am looking for to be with me, I am exploring my own path, I am accumulating energy for her to live and be independent, standing for a long time, knowing for a long time, long and new. Our heart is full of hot and hot passion, full of vigor and vitality, just like the boiling magma, which is fired with great force and infinite possibility. Therefore, Weiyang created the whole space with the concept of lava.

Designer: Meng Aqua WEYOUNG Design