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Lake Mansion
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Sitting in Jiangnan region, Suzhou is a captivating city that marries the conventional and modern elements. This project is for the sales office of Dajia Yincheng Residential Community in Suzhou. With respect for the local traditional culture, our design embodies these cultural elements to enhance the emotional feeling. Also, the design gives special focus on the harmonious connection between the architecture, space and environment, and thus creating a progressive sense in the open space, hoping that visitors can enjoy a pleasant journey in this site.
The space design centers around the features of the Lake Tai stone, often slender and having a wrinkled surface with indentations and undulations. Designers have made thoughtful arrangements about the moving lines and leveraged the integration between the natural light and the architecture lines. The segmented blocks match each functional space, creating a space with a theme running through. The diverse forms of floor texture helps introduce different levels of spatial feelings such as bright and soothing. Also the beauty of the space is magnified by the change of light and shadow, as well as the understated yet real texture changes and the calm and light colors. Through contrasting materials and textures, and using the language of artifacts, the design delivers the traditional cultural sense of Jiangnan culture in the form of artistic design, rendering the whole atmosphere comfortable and relaxing.

Agency: The Design Code CO.,LTD

"The design code" is an interior hard and soft interior design brand founded by Ms. Jenny in Hangzhou in 2017. Ms. Jenny has cooperated closely with more than 40 well-known Italian home furnishing brands such as Promemoria, B&B, Molteni&C, etc., and has created many benchmark model houses and high-end private residential projects. As one of the earliest interior design brands that introduced Italian lifestyle into China, "Jie Shang Design" adheres to the concept of "beyond boundaries, design without boundaries", gathers domestic and foreign interior designers, and provides sales offices and models for high-end real estate companies The overall solution of the house provides exquisite interior design and furnishing services for the owners who pursue individual life.