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Labour union fashion studio


Labour union fashion studio is a new domestic American retro clothing design studio. The project is located in a newly renovated industrial park in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The designer transformed an open warehouse into a minimalist, open commercial space. The design of the interior space is different from most clothing shops. The labour union does not require dense display areas. The designer did not include complex display props in the design, but paid more attention to the clear movement lines when entering the space and the details on the display points, making the viewer instinctively pay attention to the product itself.
The designer has divided the space in the shop. The space on the first floor is concise and lively. A large area of the indoor space retains the fair-faced concrete structure of the original factory building wall. On the other side, a large area of white paint is used to contrast the project, which makes the overall vision more open. At the same time, the designer uses the interlaced internal architectural lines to divide the space into different areas to increase connection. The design concept of the labour union store can satisfy the owner to arrange the internal display space independently, and the designer creates a space that is highly flexible and aesthetic.
The design is based on simple forms and real surfaces, using the original framework of the old warehouse hall, and at the same time transforming it with modern architectural techniques and material language. The project demonstrates the interaction between exquisite smoothness and primitive roughness, simplicity and uniqueness. At the same time, the entire space is still concentrated and simple, leaving an attractive display space for high-quality exhibits.
Vintage-style furniture is used alternately in the space. These furniture products from Seattle, USA are quietly displayed in the specially created modern space, making the whole space more diverse in style.
Stepping into the working area on the second floor, the designer retained the original building ceiling of the warehouse and installed a slender lamp belt to highlight the top surface components. The combination of iron building components and imported birch plank walls makes people feel warm in the tough space lines. The platform on the second floor uses a large area of transparent glass, which is separated from the first floor area, and there is a certain interaction and connection, which creates a more comfortable emotional path and feeling for users to shuttle through the space.
The completion of the labour union project allows fashion designers, crossover artists, and vintage lovers to form their own comfort zone, allowing more people who pay attention to domestic retro culture to feel the beauty of authentic culture.


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