Best of Club Space

KKone Riverside Era cloud enterprise Club


The case is located in shenzhen Futian central district south business district, overlooking the entire Shenzhen, the bustling city panoramic view. Therefore, the design of this case starts with the practical function of the club, combines the superior geographical environment and the transcendent visual Angle, and combines the overall space with the function to create a noble and comfortable private space. This space is located in the halls of water area, the space of lamps and lanterns is in series with the theme of the space, as if the restaurant is a dynamic, material selection of marble leave space in the starry sky, dark heavy KTV room cooperated lamplight builds a star atmosphere, public area space details are also given the mind of the designer, the echo of partition door handles the whole space of corridor, the project to build high-end club, in the vast universe, for design theme, leave the guests and ethereal space, brings the very experience.

Shenzhen Chuangshi Qianrong Planning and Design Co. LTD

Temperature starting from a new vision of creativity and taking strategy as the guide. It takes humanity as the premise and allows functions and aesthetics to coexist.
Chuangshi Qianrong Planning and Design (Shenzhen) was founded in 2013. The design team provides customers with comprehensive integrated design services and solutions, with the concept of new creativity, new vision, the space in each project reflects the temperature of humanity.
The scope of Chuangshi Qianrong design: architecture/landscape/interior design/soft furnishings. With the thinking system guided by the overall design strategy, the company analyzes and designs the space based on the functional requirements of customers, so that each project of our company has a unique space aesthetic value.
Chuangshi Qianrong has provided excellent interior design and consulting services for many famous groups such as Shanhai Shangcheng, Limon International, Xinhaicheng, Qinchengda Group, Huaqiang Group, Country Garden, Jintongsheng Guanlan Times, Chenzhou Changzheng Group, Yangji Group, Weiye Holding and Pattern Year. The latest projects such as Jingji KKone Riverside Times, Kander Hill sea city marketing center