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Kingdom of Beauty


Kingdom of Beauty
The ancient Chinese thinker Lao Zi once said: "With or without coexistence, the householder thinks that if there is no room, there is room for use." In this case, this dialectical idea is to use real material means and virtual spiritual feelings, to use lights to install the static and dynamic of the space, to use a three-dimensional model wall to connect the rhythm of the space, to talk time, to spend time Integrate with art to create a new minimalist vitality and create an ethereal artistic conception. When designing, the designer deliberately borrowed architectural techniques to deal with the irregular spatial structure at an oblique angle, giving visitors a bright space that is “clear and cheerful”. Ingeniously, I want to use the one-sided staircase design with one solid and one blank, one aluminum plate and one glass, so that the whole staircase and the wall are combined into one, showing a geometric composition, letting people feel an encounter with the space left blank.
Creativity is not a job, but a good way. For design, for life, designers pursue an interesting experience. It must be mentioned that the art of sphere installation in the living room, the landscape installation in the basement, and the decorative painting of peacock blue eyes in the bedroom. Adding some super-scale elements to the minimalist space and immersing yourself in free creation, the design is nothing more than a breakthrough. The "laying out the trend" of the space is the Chinese experience and application of the "Tao". The real one is black; the vacant one is blank. Only knowing its whiteness can keep its darkness. Black emerges from the white, and virtual follows the real.
The entire black-and-white gray-based space is composed of dots, lines, planes, volumes and other interspersed visual elements to form the division and layout of the indoor space. Point in the space window corner, furniture, wall painting and other composition intervention. The surface is a blocky combination, which is a combination of the virtual and real points and lines. With dotted serifs, lines to construct the surface, and surface convex points, the virtual and real are ordered, and the primary and secondary are different. From the perspective of spatial aesthetics, "virtual" in space The characteristics are re-considered and defined only for tracing the roots and pursuing the essence of home emotions, and finally to achieve the leisurely long-distance view of the hands, with the sense of zenness like Zen, the style is simple, and the meaning is endless.
Returning to the design of the block function, the designer uses a three-dimensional hand-molded background wall to organize the sense of rhythm of the space and arrange the levels of the space with the possible levels of interaction. At the same time, the two-height wall form constitutes the space's traffic attributes with a solid and empty staircase, which has a beautiful definition and practical function considerations. This is visual communication and communication, and it is also a discussion of the philosophy of space behind the reality.
The blankness of space is not a sprawling arbitrariness, but a technique to make the mind ethereal. It is worth mentioning that the sphere descending from the sky, the elliptical inner arc against the hidden lights, is not only a light source that lights up the space, but also conveys the space information and stimulates the viewer’s imagination radar. It makes people feel associative and create A kind of artistic conception and image add a charm value to the space.
The stairway is partitioned by a real one, the virtual is the safety of the glass, the real is the pattern of the aluminum plate, the virtual scene, the real structure, the point, the line and the surface are integrated into one, and the space between the virtual and the real creates a leisurely livable , Home space with strong artistic taste.
The contemporary art of landscape installation can be vividly displayed in the basement. The two levels of black and white are opposed to each other, rely on each other, and set off against each other, there is no white, it does not matter black; without black, there is no white. The Qingzhang-style "Pool of Paintings" wrote: "Blank, non-empty paper. Blank is painting." In this contemporary artistic landscape basement space, the two spaces are separated by gradient glass, which is both transparent and communicative. One or two. The most striking is the blue landscape installation painting, which can be either a continuous mountain stack, or a sparkling mountain river, this is the abstract mood in "Simple is beautiful", leaving the space to breathe, Free imagination for the viewer to relax.
In Wan Lai's quiet bedroom, the gray background color is embellished with this peacock-blue decorative painting, as if the space opened a "back window", a worldview in gray philosophy. Gray is the integration of all things. It is a world that you don't need to see with your own eyes, but to see the world from the truth of everything, and to see the world from a "naive" perspective.

Designer: MingChen,CHEN

Founder & Design Director of TOMA Design company
Executive Director,ICIDA International Council of Interior Architects and Designers,
Fuzhou Area Executive Director of IAI Asia-pacific Alliance of Architects and Interior Designers,
Vice-Chairman of Fujian Interior Decoration and Fitment Association,
Vice-Chairman of Furnishing Art Committee of Fujian Interior Decoration Association,
Director of Fujian Young Entrepreneurs Association
Member of China Young Entrepreneurs Association

Personal honor
• Top 10 Asia Pacific Aggressive designers • Top 10 China Hottest Designers • Voice of China Design, Elite • Design Elite Awards, China Interior Design Association, • HaiXi Top Ten New Powers • HaiXi influential Interior designer • Pioneer, Creative Design Industry of Fujian Province • Fuzhou City Top Ten Designers • Fujian Province Top Ten Designers
• I- DING AWARD/ International Design Awards Commercial Space unique Silver Award; • Gold Ring / Silver Award in the Model House Category of IC@Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Silver Award of Construction Interior Design in Four Places Across the Taiwan Strait; • Best Working Space (Excellent)/ Best Living Space (Excellent) in the "Golden Bund Award" of the International Architecture and Interior Design Festival; • Gold Ring - Gold Award of Business Category of iC@ Ward Global Interior Design Competition; • Gold Ring - Silver Award in the Residential category of IC@Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Gold Ring - Honorary Award of iC@ Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Chinese style-Gold Award of Residential Category in the Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational competition; • Honorary Award of the Model Unit Category -“Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards”of The 17th Hong Kong APIDA; • Best Kitchen Space Award -"Golden Bund Award"of International Architecture and Interior Design Festival; • Gold Ring - Gold Award in the Restaurant Category of IC@Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Gold Ring - Silver award in the Model Unit Category of IC@Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Gold Ring - Silver Award in the Residential Category of IC@Ward Global Interior Design Grand Prix; • Silver Award of “Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards”of The 16th Hong Kong APIDA; • Grand Prize of the 4th "Interior Design Competition of Four places across the Taiwan Strait of China" • The Annual Award of Restaurant/Bar Space - the 6th Modern Decoration International Media Awards; • The Third Prize of "Shanggao Cup" China Interior Design Grand Prix; • Nomination of the Best Living Space - “Golden Bund Award” of the International Architecture and Interior Design Festival; • The Annual Design Elite Award of China Interior Design Association
Academic Works:
His works have been included in: 《Asia-Pacific Interior Design Collection》《Collection of classic model houses of Chinese interior design》 《Modern Magazine》 《Collection of China Interior Design Competition》 《International Interior Design Selected Projects》 《The Annual China Interior Design》 etc. And being reported by national media for many times, such as “People's Daily” and CCTV-2 had reported feature stories for 10 minutes.