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Ju Modern | Yiman


According to the residents' living habits, under the limitation of the building's fixed load-bearing structure, the dismountable wall was transformed in a revolutionary way. Under the condition of maintaining the integrity and independence of the spatial function, the application of the spatial function was strengthened to a greater extent. Dynamic activities complement each other through static rest and enjoyment, and artistic atmosphere and daily living complement each other.
From the whole to the part, the space is divided neatly, so that the structure and shape form a geometric contrast between large and small blocks and long lines, so as to achieve greater practicability and greater visual extension. The perceptual cultural symbols are placed in the rational structural graphics.
To meet the living needs and style hobbies of the residents, the living room integrates the cultural elements of different countries, the artistic texture and colors of different eras, and the three-dimensional points, lines, and planes corresponding to the space are compared with each other. The symbolic attributes and expression techniques are in dialogue with each other, and the spatial level is more three-dimensionally distinct due to the independent art forms.

Designer: Wanting Zhao

Founder of cultural soft clothing
Zhao wanting, design director of space design studio
Bachelor of oil painting, Xihua Normal University
EMBA master of Victoria University
Director of China Interior Decoration Association
Director of Guangdong Furnishing Art Association
Iaapc international registered senior soft clothing display designer
Award winning experience:
CIDA excellent designer of China interior decoration industry in 2018
Grohe China: Top 100 Chinese residential design elites in 2019
Outstanding youth of China (Guangzhou) design in the year of 40 under 40, 19-20
APDA the most influential designer of Asia Pacific Space Design in 2019
CBDA 7th China Decoration Design Award
CBDA the 6th China Architectural decoration Golden Eagle Design Award annual elite Designer
Annual list of Chinese design brands 2019 young and middle-aged influential designers