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Jizhou Wanda Park One


No one pushes the world, the world moves on its own, the sun and the moon are self-evident without burning,
The stars are unlisted and ordered by themselves, and the animals live by themselves without man-made.
This is natural.
-Lao Tzu

The Wanda Jizhou sales office project is located in the northernmost Jizhou district of Tianjin, in the heart of Beijing, Tianjin, Tang and Cheng. The history of the "Five National Capitals" accumulates a profound cultural heritage here. Famous mountains, ancient temples, passes, strange stones, forests, and beautiful waters are intertwined to form the rich natural and cultural context of this "Back Garden of Tianjin".
The "Jizhou History" of Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty stated: "Jizhou has been in the north since Tang Yuxiong. From Zhou and Qin to the Ming Dynasty, it was either the title of the emperor or the gift of the heroes, and it was called the famous district in all dynasties. The Han and Tang Dynasties were especially the strong town." Urban life is essentially the reproduction of the spirit and the reflection of the humanities. The appearance of the sales office building is elegant and modern. It expresses the form of traditional Chinese buildings in a concise and exaggerated way. Together with the large-area waterscape, the overall feeling is free, harmonious and beautiful. Symbiosis with water, endless.
The design abandoned the classic planning techniques of modern architecture. The axis relationship and symmetry relationship that have no meaning on site are removed, and the surrounding environment is taken as the biggest basis for architectural planning, thus forming a free, loose-out and inner-tight planning mode with a clear place relationship. In terms of modeling, it also tried to achieve the relationship between the building and the site with a simple and beautiful shape full of traditional memory.
Light makes everything better, harmonious, and produces new scenery. When it shuttles through the building, it forms light and shadow, light and dark. Natural changes emphasize the mystery and privacy that the outdoor wooden grille wants to achieve, and at the same time make the indoor and outdoor lines more prominent. The background walls and ceilings with prominent interior lines and textures are more conspicuous in the echo of daylight and lights. The original low-key state was activated, and the warm colors and delicate patterns that they were given to them were put outside, and even the withered pine landscapes placed there seemed to glow with fresh vitality.
The moon is one of the most literary symbols in Chinese culture. Sitting in the open hall, thinking quietly at night, and entrusting emotions with objects, it is a representative "sentimental feeling" in Eastern culture. Chongwu Design introduces the concept of the natural universe through metaphor, and uses circular layouts in many places to highlight the artistic conception of the space. The artistic design in the shape of the moon resembles the unique Chinese-style moon hole, with "small wooden windows and dressing". The moment the line of sight passes, time has been frozen and the beauty has been retained.
Natural materials such as wood and marble, metal and artificial leather of the industrial age, while defining the texture of the space, use modern three-dimensional design to weave rich expressions in the space and establish the law of dialogue between nature and human society.
The laws of nature cannot be changed, such as the constant of the moon and rising of the sun. When culture, history, art, and nature merge in the same field, express the spatial form with modern language, and promote cultural interaction with immersive art, the current mood becomes delicate and sincere.

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