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Jiuli Qingchuan
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Design work name: Jiuli Qingchuan
Project address: Fuzhou, Fujian
Design style: Nanyang retro
Inside area: 80 square meters
Home is order and induction; It's also about temperature and simplicity. Stepping into the entrance, you can see at a glance the classical and elegant entrance cabinets, with rainbow glass paired with rattan woven cabinet doors, filling the space with a strong Nanyang retro flavor.
An open and integrated living room, dining room, kitchen, and leisure area, with no excessive decoration on the top beam. The top of the wall is painted with light and warm wall paint to soften the expression of spatial lines, paired with light gray floor tiles, creating a calm and textured spatial impression. Enable interaction between family and individuals, as well as free movement of cats. Make the living environment not only have a unique Nanyang style, but also meet the personal preferences and living needs of homeowners.
From furniture to utensils, the final form of a home is gradually drawn over time and emotions. Not only the homeowner himself, but also his family and visiting friends from outside can enjoy the gentle and meaningful place where the homeowner's soul resides together.

Designer:Gong wenmin.

Chief Designer of Fujian Dajia Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Department of Arts, Wuyi University in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Art Design.
I have been in the industry for 10 years, specializing in Nordic, French, retro, and modern styles.